Altar Box (Hecate)

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A traveling Magical Altar Box.

Dedicated to Hecate, the goddess of the triple aspect, magic, crossroads and the dead.  The cover has a glass inlay with 3 skeleton keys, the symbol of Hecate.

The box includes:

Alter cloth: 18" x 18" 

Window sticker: The 4 moons

Cling on Applique: 5 Wicca motif

Athame; 7.5" long (4" blade) with a pentagram 

Altar Tile: 80mm (3.2")  Stone carved pentacle

Incense Burner: metal w/ wooden stand 

Swift-light Charcoal package of 10

1 oz. patchouli powder incense

White Sage Stick: 4"

Sage Spray w/ Tourmaline: 2 oz bottle

Mugwort: 1 oz bag

Damiana: 1 oz Bag

Reusable Tea Bag

3 Coins: Witches hat, pentagram and the goddess

Celestial altar bell

Altar Anointing oil: 2 drams

Stones for Intention:

   Tourmaline: Protection

   Amethyst: Spiritual Awareness

   Dragon Blood Jasper: Courage

   Lodestone: stone of attraction

   Carnelian: personal power

   Garnet: Vitality and action

   Cat's eye: perception

   Prehnite: Prophecy

   Apatite: Intuition

Ritual Chime Candles:












Ritual Chime Candle Holder

Wicca Patch: pentagram w/ leaves

Clear Quartz Pendulum w/ pouch

Silver tone pentagram Keychain

Sterling Silver Necklace: Triquetra with pentagram, triple moon, and amethyst.