Amazonite Bracelet - for communication

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Wear an Amazonite  bracelet for clear communication.

Amazonite is linked with the ability to communicate clearly both verbal and non-verbal.  Amazonite is soothing on your psyche, as well as vocal chords. It clears up blockages not only in yourself but with someone you are trying to communicate with. Resulting in a more harmonious relationship. The term "Speak your truth" is the embodiment of Amazonite.

Amazonite is good for the thyroid and Heart.

Amazonite is light blue to a teal color.  It belongs to the potassium feldspar group of minerals. 

Planet association: Uranus 

Astrological association: Aquarius 

Numerical association: 2

Chakra: Heart/throat

Hardness: 6 -6.5

4mm stretch bracelet. Approximately 7 inches.