Labradorite Bracelet - for Psychic Ability

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Wear an Labradorite Bracelet for psychic ability and protection.

Labradorite is linked with psychic ability and psychic protection.  Labradorite wakens psychic tools such as clairvoyance, past-life recall and communication with higher dimensions. An inter-dimensional stone it bridges the distance between planes.  Labradorite is a divine feminine stone allowing one to create their own destiny.  It creates a psychic block thus protecting the wearer. Because of this insight it is good for personal strengths, originality and personal relationships. 

Labradorite is all colors in glowing, vivid flashes on a dark background. It is from the feldspar group of minerals. 

Planet association: Moon

Astrological association: Aquarius 

Numerical association: 6, 7

Chakra: All

Mohs hardness: 6 - 6.5 

4mm stretch bracelet, length: approximately 7 inches.