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Monthly Astrology

Astrology for the month ahead — April 2017

By Dr. Diane, the Hungarian Aquarian


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On April 1st we have a busy day in the sky. A Grand Trine formed by Saturn in Sagittarius the North Node in Virgo and Mercury in Taurus is almost all in Earth signs except that Saturn in Sagittarius is in a fire sign at the very edge of Capricorn. Saturn and Capricorn bring in the earth sign. This very positively connects practical communication and brought to a higher level in a responsible way. North Node brings in a sense of destiny in Virgo, which is focusing on the details, getting organized, working hard at something related to this responsibility in thought and communication. All of the Earth signs have something to do with working hard and being practical. So Saturn in Sagittarius just puts a little bit of fire into the mix but it brings the practicality but with a little bit more energy behind it.

Jupiter and the Moon will be at a highly positive angle with the moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. That's really positive for relationships, socializing, and communication as well as fairness and balance in partnership. So if you're going to have a chat with partner, friends or even read the news, it bodes well for a positive, fair and balanced perspective, good for relationships.

There's a T-square, which is a 90 ° angle between the Moon and Chiron and between Saturn and Chiron, making the Moon and Saturn opposite each other at a 180 ° angle. Chiron brings in a sense of health, healing, healthcare, injuries, pain and illness. Saturn in Sagittarius limits travel, education, expansion. And the Moon in Gemini relates to feelings regarding communication, socializing, and the news. With current news about Healthcare and limitations involved, this could be something that is bringing up negative feelings, especially around this time. On a personal level, an illness or injury could be limiting you and conversation could provide comfort.

April 2:  The Moon is square to Venus, which means it's at a 90° angle, which is challenging. The Moon is feelings and Venus can be love, happiness, prosperity. Both are in water signs which affects the emotions, and the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer. So there could be a lot of tense emotions happening related to love, sensitive issues that affect happiness, or prosperity (closing in on Tax Day - that could cause some stressful emotion).

April 3: Today we not only have a Grand Trine in the sky, which bodes well-- again it is the combination of mercury Saturn and the North Node as we saw on April 1st—but we also have a Grand Cross in the sky which can be one of the most challenging aspects to overcome. We have the moon in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn squaring the Sun in Aries. With those four squares in cardinal signs it relates to starting something new, opening the door to a new trend, and it will come with multiple challenges. The moon in cancer could bring in a lot of emotional responses. The sun in Aries could mean personal action or personal agitation. Pluto has been in Capricorn for years and will continue to be, but again it represents drastic change in business, government, responsibility. And Jupiter in Libra represents a lot of focus on legal justice, fairness, partnerships or foreign cultures that could all be challenged and stressed by this configuration. On a personal level, the moon in cancer can represent the home or the mother. Jupiter in Libra can represent a growing relationship or partnership that feels beneficial. Pluto in Capricorn on a personal level can represent the boss, the father, power at work, or responsible power. Maybe even change in work or responsibility. The sun in Aries it's kind of a double shot of the self. Aries is the sign of the individual, or the self. The Sun represents the self, so there may be a big focus on what's good for me connected to changes in work or responsibility or power and those may connect to what is fair, a sense of balance and maybe even balance between home and work and what's good for me, and what's good for the relationships in my life.

April 4: the Moon is at 2° of Leo which is about 90° away from Mercury at 3° of Taurus. So this is again a challenging angle that affects emotions and communications. Leo represents what we consider to be fun, joyful, lovable, and even risky. The moon in Leo represents emotions about feelings regarding fun and joy and even falling in love. By being at a challenging angle to Mercury in Taurus, there can be some discussions or beliefs regarding comfort level - since Taurus is the sensuous side of life - or security in what is mine.  This angle can cause stress or tension or jealousy related to what is mine verses feeling like we're having fun or that we share love. Our thoughts and words can get in the way. And we still have Mercury connected to Saturn and the North Node and the way that we have to be attentive to detail and what we say and think plan carefully how to structure new growth.

Saturn and Venus are at a challenging angle as well. Now Saturn is connected to Mercury in Taurus, where we just saw a challenging angle related to love and joy in our thoughts about what is mine or what is comfortable. Now Saturn at the same challenging angle to Venus relates to love and happiness being challenged by structure, or limitations to growth. The growth could be something legal, something cultural, or could even be as simple as limitations in travel or cultural exploration causing challenges to our happiness level or something we love - maybe even to creativity.

Mars in Taurus is at an awkward angle to Jupiter in Libra. Mars in Taurus tends to be the very sexual, sensual marker, and Jupiter in Libra can mean beneficial relationships or a partnership growing stronger. This awkward angle means that there will be something uncomfortable about the sexual sensual desire and the ability for a relationship to grow stronger. There will need to be some adjustment made related to the strong sexual desire and what will be beneficial to partnership or relationship, and even what is fair on a higher level.

April 5: Mars in Taurus still messing with emotions. Today it is at a stressful, challenging angle to the Moon in Leo. The Moon is our emotions and how we feel, and Leo represents what we love, what brings us joy, and even being flirtatious or the center of attention. This sensual sexual aspect, or strong drive and determination, is challenging love, partnership and feeling good side of life.  

What is good is that Mars and Pluto are highly positive angle. Mars the energy and drive to make things happen and in Taurus to make things more comfortable to make things more appealing and to add to our prosperity and assets. Pluto is either the boss, the authority, the government, or even drastic change related to taking responsibility or working hard. so there seems to be a strong amount of energy to take charge, to make changes in work and to be able to improve our comfort level or our earning capacity, or even what we own. It's a highly likely possibility that that will happen to some degree. Good for work, not so good for fun and love.

Venus and Chiron are closing in together in Pisces meaning there could be reflection on what makes us happy in a healthy way. What can improve the pain in our life, or health, through love and happiness. Both of these planets are at a challenging angle to Saturn in Sagittarius. Again Saturn in Sagittarius means some restrictions or deliberate planning regarding expansion or growth to a higher level of being, thinking, or understanding.

April 6: The main thing today is that the sun in Aries is opposite Jupiter in Libra and both are square to Pluto in Capricorn, and this will continue for a few days. In fact we will see the full moon join this configuration as well as Uranus by the 10th. This is the beginning of a feeling of what's good for me, what's good for others, and what needs changing through work and responsibility.

The Grand Trine in the sky that has included Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node now includes the Moon today. So that brings in a level of emotion to what we are thinking or talking about, what we need to do, and slowly growing things related to work, responsibilities, service to others and what makes us feel comfortable. Saturn  on the Galactic Center in Sagittarius brings in the idea of shedding what is no longer valuable and bringing in Divine understanding. Think about what you may need to let go of in a way that serves others, makes us feel more comfortable and nurtured, and how that focus affects our emotions. It brings to mind clearing out the house, giving to charity, feeling more satisfied with our surroundings. Letting go of something that may bring up emotions but that ultimately is better for us and is serving others at the same time. Getting organized as part of this as well as feeling a sense of love and nurturing.

April 7th: The moon in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces today relating to feelings about serving others, working, and attention to detail, while Neptune is the opposite in that it can be an altered sense of clarity. So rather than being focused on the minute details, Neptune is taking things out into the cosmos.  Definitely not down to earth, but rather in another dimension. So we could be at odds with wanting to dream, fantasize or even just meditate and the feeling that we need to buckle down, get to work and pay close attention to what we're doing. Mindfulness meditation could combine the two.

April 8:  Today the Moon passes a point in the sky that forms a Grand Trine for a short time with Mars and Pluto. It is a grand Trine in Earth signs. This can bring up the sense that energy and feelings and power are all about working hard, keeping the nose to the grindstone, doing what we must and putting a lot of feeling and energy into it in order to get those comforts of life, and feeling a sense of satisfaction as well as responsibility. This will come easy to all of us and could lead to good amount of productivity.

The Moon in Virgo at some point today will be directly opposite Venus and Chiron in Pisces., so the feeling of getting things done and being practical and down-to-earth, possibly sticking to a routine, will possibly be at odds with being sensitive to what heals our need for happiness and love in a less structured way. You might be reflecting on what makes you happy and wanting to have a mental health day but you have the feeling of needing to be hard at work and getting things done, in order to stick to the plan and the routine and the schedule. You’ll just have to decide which one of those things wins out or whether you can balance a little bit of each.

The Moon will also briefly be at an awkward angle to Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries can mean unexpected outbursts, unusual activity, or out-of-the-ordinary arguments or activity that may bring up uncomfortable feelings related to work and the details and staying on schedule.  Some adjustment will have to be made in order to make things less uncomfortable.

April 9: Today Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks until May 3rd or 4th. The first day of retrograde and the last day of retrograde are said to be the strongest and most influential of the Mercury retrograde period. What Mercury retrograde means, as probably half the world knows, is that technology, machines, communications, travel go haywire or are, at least, less reliable at this time and can cause problems. Signing contracts and making agreements or buying technology is also not recommended while Mercury is retrograde, since Mercury rules agreements, too. During Mercury retrograde periods you can see that travel is sometimes delayed, often due to a glitch in computer communications. If you do sign an agreement or contract during Mercury retrograde - and sometimes it is necessary to do - there's a likelihood that something will change or need to be redone. It doesn't mean it's bad luck, just that communication will be less final and less clear and when Mercury goes direct it may be made obvious.  I've seen things happen down the road after an agreement has been made under Mercury retrograde that don't pan out the way they were expected to.

April 10: Straddling today and the 11th is the day of the full moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter. It is directly opposite the Sun as one would expect in a full moon but the sun is conjunct Uranus. Both the Moon and the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are at challenging angles to Pluto in Capricorn. The asteroid Juno is very close to Pluto adding another interesting perspective. First of all a full moon brings things to an end or a culmination. the Moon is our emotions Jupiter expands those emotions and Libra represents Relationship, Justice, fairness, balance. So feeling strongly about what is right and fair end harmonious. It is at odds to a focus on the self and what I want, with Uranus it could mean my future. It could mean unexpected action for my own good. The challenging angles from each of these luminaries to Pluto in Capricorn men's it could bring about drastic change  in pursuit of responsible or practical solution. Pluto could also mean that there is an authority figure that is challenging what is fair and just and what's good for me and my future. The authority figure could be the government Pluto there. Juno represent commitment. It's what we see with committed partnership. so this commitment to  drastic change or commitment to authority  in an effort to be more practical or responsible or to make things better for business and government  is really challenging the emotions end bringing on unexpected,  unpredictable action. Another interpretation is that government (Pluto) could be affecting marital commitment (Juno) and is at odds (square angle) with feelings (moon) about legal (Jupiter) partnerships (Libra).

The degree of the full moon is almost at 22 degrees and Mars is also at 22 degrees in Taurus. The 22 degree point is important. Some astrologers say it is a negative, and some say it is highly spiritual. In numerology 22 represents a high level of spiritual service to others.  Mars is the ruler of Aries and also brings a strong desire to take action. Taurus is ruled by Venus and so is Libra, where the moon and Jupiter are. So you have this combination of powerful strength and energy with Mars and Aries. You also have the comfort and emotionality of Taurus and the moon, and the Venus (or harmonious) aspect of Libra and Taurus. Something could drive things to a point of taking action to make things better, more comfortable, and more harmonious.  Mars is also at a highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn, while being at an awkward angle to the moon and Jupiter in Libra. This tells me that an adjustment needs to be made about what is fair in order for actions - that are meant to make things comfortable and more prosperous - to result in responsible and practical solutions. Adjust the action and take into consideration what's fair and harmonious so that the solution is a responsible one for everyone. It can also mean a very determined passionate action being taken that is highly beneficial to government, business, those in authority, and to making drastic changes.

April 11: In some parts of the world today is the full moon joining Jupiter in Libra and, again, it's time to look at relationships and the self. Also, with Jupiter a chance to expand relationships and emotional ties. The sun will be connected to Uranus an Aries and will be concerned with the self, identity, changes, and unexpected energy and focus on whatever area this falls in your chart.

We still have the Grand Trine of Mercury, Saturn and the North Node, and we have Venus meeting up with Chiron in Pisces. These have all been discussed earlier, and there is still the T- square that is made up of Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus. The Sun and Moon are touching on that T-square and activating the energies within.

The only other thing happening here is Mars and Ceres meeting up in Taurus. Mars represents energy, drive, power in the sense of making something happen. Ceres represents nurturing and food in particular. Taurus is also related to food and wine and comfort, what we own. It is ruled by Venus and with Mars there, there's a sense of love and sex and passion and Ceres brings in the food and the nurturing.

April 12:  The main highlight here is that the Sun is still connected to Uranus as part of that T-square. And the Sun on Uranus in Aries can also bring a sense of Independence in a way that feels rebellious. Aries has a fiery energy and Uranus has a rebellion vibe. The Sun is putting a light on this aspect today and tomorrow.

April 13: Today the Moon in Scorpio is sextile or 60° from Pluto. Sextile angles bring an opportunity. The Moon is very connected to our emotions and in Scorpio, a water sign which touches on emotional issues, it could bring up some deeply held feelings and emotional responses. This will be connected to the authority, or the government, big business. On a personal level, something related to the boss or the father figure, regarding responsibilities or  hard work and practical thinking, will open up an opportunity to bring out deep feelings and emotions that normally hide beneath the surface. Normally a sextile angle is positive, and it could be a chance for some kind of recognition that results in a major change in the workplace or in responsibilities and it could bring out emotional reactions.

April 14: Today Venus and Chiron in Pisces are sextile to Mars in Taurus. Another opportunity to take action in a way that could be nurturing, since Ceres is connected to Mars in Taurus. The nurturing (with food) could relate to sensitivity to illness or health care for women or a way of showing compassion and love for the sick. Another possible interpretation can relate to taking action related to health issues regarding food and health issues regarding women.  

The moon meets up and Sagittarius with Black Moon Lilith. Sagittarius represents legal issues, educational issues, and foreign cultures. The Moon is our feelings and emotions and Black Moon Lilith can represent feminine power. There could be some legal discussions that bring out strong feelings related to women’s power around the world. In Sagittarius this can mean bringing it to a higher level, or growing and expanding the feelings about the power of women.

April 15: The Moon and Jupiter are sextile today. The Moon is in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra with an opportunity for strong feelings related to getting Justice through higher legal channels. Both Jupiter and the Moon are quincunx or 150° away from Mars in Taurus, resulting in what is called a yod. The yod is a triangle pointing to Mars, showing an area of discomfort for this need for justice and legal matters or even for issues related to foreign culture.  Mars in Taurus represents taking action in a determined way for security and stability. There is a discomfort related to this action and an adjustment needs to be made through these legal channels to find justice and fairness. On a personal level, we can be looking at relationships, since Libra rules relationships and partnerships. And there could be strong feelings about expanding the relationship, taking it to a higher level, or dealing with feelings based on philosophical perspectives. Possibly dealing with a desire to travel, and this brings up a sense of energy regarding security and stability. Movement, not change, but rather a determined or persistent effort to find some kind of comfort that is making feelings in the relationship uncomfortable.

April 16: Today Mars in Taurus is exactly sextile Venus in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces. Venus and Mars and Chiron are the love, sex, commitment planets in Magi astrology. And the sextile angle represents opportunity. So there is one interpretation that there's an opportunity to make a commitment and love.  Mars and Venus at that angle could represent a sensitivity and compassion that also has a sexuality, sensuality component. With Chiron in the mix, it brings to mind the Florence Nightingale syndrome of a patient falling in love with the nurse. It's very possible under this sky.  Venus just went direct in the last day, but there is still the tug from the retrograde. Such a relationship that begins in this sky could become much more passionate when Venus goes back into Aries at the end of the month.

We have a new Grand Trine, though it's a brief one. The Moon, Mercury, and the North Node are all in Earth signs forming a giant equilateral triangle in the sky. This brings a sense of being very practical in our communications, our feelings and emotions and our sense of purpose. Being determined, being organized, and being responsible and hard-working will be extremely positively rewarded. Speaking and thinking patiently and feeling responsible and seeing the importance of getting organized and focusing on details is the best message of the day.

April 17:  Mars in Taurus is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is square or 90° away from Venus and Venus is still sextile to Mars. Saturn on the Galactic Center brings in a sense of working hard to do away with what's not necessary, to focus on what is of divine importance. There's some limitation with Saturn in the mix and some discomfort that results from it. There needs to be an adjustment made as a result. Kind of like the person in the room who says no you can't do that. And the passion and love between Mars and Venus doesn't want to be told no.

Saturn is Trine or 120° away from the Sun in Aries.   The sun is focused on passion, maybe anger, maybe even energy. Saturn is it a highly positive angle to that energy, so there will be a available for getting rid of what's not necessary and for receiving Divine influence and understanding. Knowing what the universe or the Divine intelligence wants from us and having the passion and energy to do it is possible today--spring cleaning, coming back to your meditative practices, doing God's work.

We'll still have the moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. Again sextile means opportunity, but what? Well, the moon in Capricorn represents feelings of responsibility and comfort in hard work. Neptune can mean a number of things. It can relate to imagination, fantasy, confusion. It can also relate to meditation, psychology, spirituality, and compassion. It can be the dream of what we'd like to see happen. It gives us an opportunity to connect to feelings of responsibility by making our dream a reality, and bringing the spiritual to Earth through our efforts of being responsible. Recall the Bible saying, "They will know you (as the ones who believe and have faith) by your deeds, by what you do, by how you live it."

April 18: The Moon in Capricorn is exactly square Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries can bring unexpected or surprise reaction possibly hostile, possibly passionate. The moon in Capricorn keeps our feet on the ground. Not letting us get carried away by feelings in response to challenges that this unexpected outburst could bring taking a responsible and practical stance.

April 19: The Sun and Mercury meet up at the very beginning of Taurus. There is a focus on communication and ideas related to loyalty, determination, and reliability. Mercury is news, too. So there's attention on news that is reliable, and a determination to make communication dependable. A message based on a matter of stubbornness might also be the focus. Mercury also relates to transportation and cars and short distance travel. Mercury is retrograde so it could mean a review or possibly slow down in transportation and a sense that dependability in transportation is going backwards or is slowing down, that there is a review about how to make communication, ideas or transportation or news more reliable and dependable.

The Sun and Mercury in Taurus are square to the Moon in Aquarius, which is a challenging angle. This focus on reliable, dependable, communication and transportation is creating unexpected or unusual feelings, unpredictable feelings of stress or tension. Aquarius also relates to humanitarian efforts or what is good for society so feelings about that will be at a challenging angle to the idea that dependable and reliable communication needs to be reviewed.  Aquarius is also related to independence. There could be the feeling that independence will make news or communication more reliable and trustworthy.

April 20: Jupiter and the Moon are at a highly positive angle in air signs Libra and Aquarius. Jupiter of course is related to expansion, higher levels of the law, education, philosophy, and cultural matters. Libra relates to partnership, justice, fairness, and balance.   This connection benefiting matters of fairness and justice at higher levels in this regard are strengthened by feelings of what is good for humanity, feelings of independence, and feelings of doing something that is out of the ordinary.  Possibly comfort being taken in doing things for others, in being independent, and in looking at things from a unique perspective.

Again the Grand Trine between Mercury in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, and the North Node on the cusp of Leo and Virgo is activated today. This time the sun is highlighting the strength of Mercury in Aries. There is a focus on communication and ideas that are passionate, or conversely, hostile discussions/ ideas relating to limitations in legal matters, education, and foreign matters or travel. The North Node in Virgo speaks to the idea that this is an important matter of focus for our society. Strong feelings related to what is discussed or contemplated or even reported in the news relates to our destiny, and with Saturn still on the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, there is a divine connection. It's time to clean up, get organized, put our thoughts into action, and get rid of what's not necessary that is keeping us from our divine connection.

April 21: Today the Sun and Moon are sextile each other. The Moon is in Pisces and there are feelings of compassion, sensitivity, dreaminess, and intuitive feelings. These are brought into a more practical focus if we let them, with the sun in Taurus. It's saying that what we feel intuitively or spiritually or even in our imaginations, we can bring into our everyday world.  Make the dream a reality through determination and patience, or love.

Mars enters the sign of Gemini today. Gemini is chatty, it is about the media, it is about socializing. It is also normally indicative of a duality. Two sides to the story. Mars brings in a lot of energy related to these matters. It could be passionate discussions and the idea of talking out of two sides of one's mouth. Saying one thing and doing another. It could also mean more than one person involved in a discussion, social situation, or a power play.  There could be an angry discussion as well. Mars can bring in anger. Gemini can bring in social groups. Keep an eye on social media, protests, or interviews.   What people are telling you may have two ways of being interpreted. With Mercury retrograde you want to be careful because Mercury rules Gemini.  Communication may be misunderstood at this time, and the Mars aspect could bring in hostility because of it, or some action could be taken based on misunderstood conversations. 

Mars in Gemini is square to the North Node in Virgo. So this passion, hostility or anger is at odds with what our societal purpose should be at this time. Being in service to others, health, nutrition, getting things in order, and focusing on the details.  Mercury also rules Virgo; this could be the other side of Mercury. The fact that Mercury is retrograde means we need to be careful and review the way we want to use Mercury—talking with others or considering their needs.

April 22: The moon meets up with Neptune today in Pisces.  So there are a lot of feelings happening. They could be compassionate feelings. They could be feelings of depression. They could be intuitive feelings.  They could come from listening to music or from watching a movie. Or you could be creating something based on feelings, such as a movie, art, music. You could have a dream that could stir up emotions. There could be some kind of emotional issue that you are sensitive about causing you to imagine things are happening that may not necessarily be true. Whatever it is, it's going to cause you to feel something. If you're a Pisces born close to the beginning of March, you could be caught up in emotional thoughts. To counteract negativity or depression, which could result in this sky, take a proactive role and make sure you listen to music or watch films that make you happy or laugh. Do something creative that makes you happy or excited. Meditate and focus on feelings of comfort and images that you enjoy.

Though it's at a slightly wide orb, this Moon and Neptune conjunction is sextile, or 60 °from Pluto and Capricorn. Again, it is an opportunity for drastic change to take place related to this sensitivity and emotions being stirred up by dreams, creativity or intuition.   Pluto could also mean a boss or an authority related to work or responsibility. Perhaps the boss or the authority is stirring up emotions and sensitivity, or even depression.  All the more reason to be aware that this could occur and to take proactive steps to do what makes you happy. Listen to happy music, go to your happy place.

April 23: The moon meets up with Venus in Pisces today. There could be love and emotions, feelings of love, sensitive feelings regarding love. Feelings from happiness and pleasure. Mars, which is at the beginning of Gemini, is about 60° away from the Moon and Venus (sextile). This could mean that there is some kind of a social activity or meeting that takes place that brings an opportunity for passion and stirring up feelings of love, happiness and pleasure.

Mercury is close to being conjunct Uranus in Aries today and it is exactly trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury conjunct Uranus can mean unpredictable  arguments, hostile communication, angry thoughts. It could also be passionate thoughts and words related to defending those who can't speak for themselves.  It could be strange, unpredictable actions that are reported about in the news or the topic of discussion.  Being exactly trine to Saturn in Sagittarius is a good thing here, because it brings in a sense of responsibility and limitation to the actions or anger that could be taken. It could be higher levels of legality, academic thought, philosophy,  foreign relations that bring in this sense of responsibility and limitation.   The highly positive angle that is connecting Mercury, Uranus and Saturn means that it's all good - highly positive.

There is a slight connection to Venus, the Moon and Chiron with this aspect.  They are at a 90°, or square, angle to Saturn. So sensitivity and pain, possibly comfort from pain, or true love that may be causing feelings of tension with this legal or philosophical sense of responsibility that Saturn brings to the mix.

April 24: Today Saturn, Chiron, and Mercury are all at the exact same degree. This is a continuation of yesterday's connection but at a stronger dose.

April 25: The moon, Uranus and Mercury meet up in Aries.  This could make for an unpredictable, emotional reaction to a communication, discussion, news, or travel event. It's a pretty volatile mix. And the sun is not very far away from this grouping, so the energy that the Sun and Moon bring, with the soon-to-be New moon in Taurus, put a big focus on this unpredictable, unusual hostility or action related to communication, news or travel. Maybe even unusual or crazy ideas that come up and cause strong feelings, and, as a result of that, actions that are unexpected, maybe even fights. The sun in Taurus does point to a determined or patient outlook, which is on the horizon in the next few days.

Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces are at an awkward angle to each other, meaning there will need to be an adjustment made between  something that is confusing, depressing, unrealistic, or even imaginary that affects relationships and partnerships or a sense of what's fair and just.

April 26: Today we have the new moon in Taurus, bringing a new sense of determination and persistence in making dreams come true.  Later in the day, the moon in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces, which brings an opportunity for the practical, down-to-earth feelings to connect with dreams, imagination, and spirituality. Feelings of determination can help overcome confusion or depression, or some kind of sensitivity. This angle means there's an opportunity to deal positively with these issues, so here is a chance to bring the intangible into everyday life, into the day-to-day reality as a positive experience. It could be a sense of the law of attraction—in which putting feeling into something that we see in our mind and imagination can bring it into our world.

Saturn and Chiron are still exactly square to each other. Chiron in Pisces relates to sensitive issues surrounding health, illness, pain, and Saturn represents limitations and restrictions based on legal, cultural and philosophical perspectives, possibly even publication. A square angle is a challenge and an obstacle to overcome. There is a sense of healthcare concerns facing legal and philosophical challenges.  Saturn is also still on the Galactic Center, adding divine intervention, divine guidance.

April 27: Today Mercury and Uranus are exactly conjunct In Aries. We've seen this before this month, and again it relates to thoughts and communications that may be volatile or combative, at the very least passionate. They could unexpectedly come out in an energetic way. This can also be, at its extreme, crazy, out there. It can also mean brilliance. So, there is this possibility that brilliant thoughts and communication, and possibly forward-thinking, is creating exciting news. There could be something happening in social media that is taking the Internet by storm, burning up the theoretical wires of cyberspace.

The moon in Taurus is at a highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn. So feelings regarding persistence and determination, as well as what we own, are being positively affected by changes in work and responsibility or to a boss or authority figure’s concerns about responsibilities and hard work  in regard to business. There could also be a government connection here: What is the responsibility of government?  This is having a positive effect on how we feel about what we are surrounded by, what we own, or the fruits of our labor.  It could be that being persistent and determined and taking a stand results in business or government or the boss taking some kind of responsibility and having a positive effect on how we feel about that.

April 28: The moon catches up with Mars in Gemini with Ceres not far behind at the very end of Taurus.   Ceres is connected to food and nurturing, and Taurus is all about the good things in life around us. So possibly gourmet foods connected to the feelings that the moon brings, or the comfort of those foods, and in Gemini, there’s a social aspect to it. Mars adds the energy and excitement, the passion, and possibly some disagreements.  Maybe even some competition. When I think about this I think of a food competition and the excitement that surrounds that. Comfort foods, gourmet foods, lots of people around and high energy. Mars could also mean fire, so maybe a barbecue or a grill competition.

Mercury and Uranus are exactly conjunct today and that continues the idea of surprising news that could be exciting, passionate, or even volatile. You could hear news of a new technology or a new source of energy production that is futuristic.  

Jupiter is coming into an awkward angle to Neptune in Pisces. There needs to be an adjustment or there will be discomfort regarding Partnerships of relationships and what the dream is or the fantasy.   It also could relate to justice and fairness needing to be adjusted based on some kind of confusing or unclear idea, or vice versa perhaps the confusion and lack of clarity needs to be adjusted in order to maintain justice, fairness, balance.   One never knows how that will play out these days.

April 29:  Aside from the continued connection between Saturn/Chiron and Mercury/ Uranus, Venus is at a highly positive angle to the North Node. Again the North Node is our destiny and our purpose as a society at this time.   Venus is direct now and going back into Aries today, so it is bringing back a passion and high energy for things related to love, happiness, women, and prosperity. It is our current purpose to examine the details and be very organized and concerned about service to others in relation to these Venus attributes. What’s good for the society is in relation to those issues. It is a highly positive aspect today, so good things could be happening in that regard.

April 30: The Sun and Moon are at an angle of positive opportunity.  While the Moon is in cancer, its home sign, bringing up emotions, maybe thoughts of the mother and of motherhood Or positive emotions about the home.  The Sun focuses on the things that surround us, growth, gardening, our possessions and income. The Sun Also highlights stability and security as well as working with our hands.  So there is a good opportunity to have good feelings and a sense of comfort by working on things around the house, maybe doing crafts or gardening or cooking, thinking about new things to buy or how to repurpose our older things. Maybe what kinds of things we want to spend money on around the house. If we're lucky enough to have gotten a tax refund, perhaps it has come in and it’s getting us to think about what we need to buy with the money.