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Monthly Astrology

Astrology for the month ahead — May 2017

By Dr. Diane, the Hungarian Aquarian


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May 1: Moon in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Moon is at home in Cancer. The moon represents feelings and emotions, it also represents the mother. Cancer rules 4th House of home, family of origin, the mother, and the parents - so with the moon in there, there could be a lot of emotion stirred up related to the home or the parents. Maybe some comfort coming from being home. Opposite that is Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents drastic change, and big business and government. It can also represent the boss or some authority figure. There could be a hindrance to being comfortable at home or wanting to be at home that the government or the boss is creating. Oppositions can also mean a choice between one or the other. A choice between staying home and being with family versus doing something drastically different or something that an authority, the government, a boss is causing to happen.

Moon in Cancer is also squaring Mercury/Uranus in Aries, bringing up possible blow-ups or arguments, that come up suddenly and unexpectedly, and relate to feelings about home, parents, mother, and could cause bad feelings, tension. Strong feelings could cause the blow-ups. It IS possible that emotions related to home or family do not cause arguments but rather bring up a drive to make a surprise phone call, or send an email that is driven by passion.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces - this aspect is ongoing. Saturn can create limitations or make something real. It can put the brakes on or it can build something carefully in a careful, well-planned way. In Sagittarius it can result from legal, educational, spiritual issues or travel and foreign cultures. On the Galactic Center it could bring out deep, divinely intuited truths. Chiron represents healing and pain. In Pisces It is possibly compassion for something that is painful, or sensitivity about something that is healing. An illness or injury could be affecting a trip, or some kind of educational thing like a graduation or testing. Possibly going to school is difficult. It could be that some kind of alternative healing from another culture is being used to treat pain or injury. And there may be stress-related to that or tension, maybe even uncertainty. 

Also Mercury still conjunct Uranus and trine (not exact) Saturn in Sag forming grand trine with the NN This has implications for news, our collective destiny, unpredictable volatility, and Saturn, the responsible, practical influence. This is a configuration that has been going on throughout April. There could be positive results that are part of our collective destiny. Mercury and Uranus in Aries can bring up unexpected news or communication (such as the president’s willingness to meet with the President of North Korea and the President of the Philippines), arguments, or surprising news about, powerful technology and transportation. Uranus also speeds things up and Mercury relates to transportation. A recent news story showed a plan for transportation through tunnels that Elon Musk is working on now for a new form of high speed transportation. Being trine to the NN may mean this is highly positive as a destiny for the collective. 

Mercury and Uranus square the moon in cancer and results in strong emotions and feelings, possibly related to home/mother, and news or communication about this that may be volatile, harsh, hostile, angry and unpredictable. It is challenging home, emotions, mothers, and parents. Could also be related to sudden, unexpected travel coming up that is causing stressful feelings.

Jupiter in Libra is quincunx (150°) to Neptune in Pisces, which can bring on confusion, lack of clarity, affect dreamers, fantasy, or result in lack of reality. Something needs adjustment or is causing fairness and justice to be uncomfortable. Possibly partnership or relationship needs to adjust in an intuitive or sensitive way, or there will be awkward feelings. There could be a situation related to water that is causing discomfort regarding legal justice, fairness, and balance, or related to major partnerships. Something needs to be adjusted.

Mars in Gemini is opposite Lilith in Sag. Mars = man, combat, anger, arguments, or passion in communication, media, social situations (Gemini) and possibly a duality that is hindering or challenging feminine power related to legal issues, travel, publication or philosophy. Not wanting to conform to rules or, bitch slapping oppressors. So there could be some possible male vs. female power plays in social situations or related to the media--or even news about this--and women in the world rising up to fight oppression, to stand up in righteous anger, as a crusade against war, against a man/men, or against abusive social situations. It is at a strong opposition--the power/rising up of women vs. the social situations reflecting male power.

This forms a T-square with Neptune in Pisces -- which could bring on a lack of clarity or blindness--there is a challenge in which some kind of blindness to the issues is there, or confusion. Possible issues of sensitivity.

May 2: Two grand fire trines are in the sky --.in early fire and late fire. Early fire includes Venus in Aries, the moon in Leo and Lilith in Sagittarius. Highly positive energy related to emotions, women, harmony and women's sexuality and power. It could relate to passionate feelings of love, harmony, prosperity--feelings of regal status or taking risks, a gamble. Focus on children and what we love and the emotions that surround that---Lilith in Sag-- worldwide women's crusade to fight for what is important to them.

Late fire grand trine includes Mercury/Uranus in Aries, NN in Leo, Saturn in sag-- which is the same configuration as described on May 1.

May 3: Mercury/Uranus in Aries trines the moon in Leo -- so a highly positive connection related to unpredictable, surprise or sudden outbursts – passionate communication or news related to a sudden unexpected explosion, battle, or argument is very positively connected to emotions related to what we love, creation, and children. Positive effects regarding these are likely. Uranus can also speed up communication--and with Mercury going direct today, Uranus could help with Mercury things. Mercury will be standing still there for a time. They will be conjunct through the middle of the month.

Sun in Taurus squares the moon in Leo resulting in a focus on stubbornness, patience, food, feeling comfortable and nurtured is at odds with emotions about what we love, and children/creativity, games of chance, and risk-taking. It could relate to not wanting to take a risk because you’re feeling comfortable. Perhaps not in the mood for fun, just wanting to hang out and eat comfort foods. Impatience related to food--maybe a meal comes to the table later than expected, creating tension regarding someone you love or tension related to children’s playfulness that results from the problem with the food, drink or patience.

May 4: There is a grand trine today that very positively incorporates the moon conjunct the North Node (NN which is in that large grand trine with Mercury/Uranus and Saturn adding emotion to the mix of unpredictable, possibly passionate or bold communication, and limitations holding things back related to travel, legal matters, foreign cultures, education or spiritual/philosophical issues and maybe even publication—all this is part of our social destiny with a very positive outcome. The moon will move into Virgo after that, where there could be feeling of needing to do a lot of work, get organized, being comfortable with the details of something that we are doing. Possibly little things upsetting our emotions as well.

The sun in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn this week. That's very positive because it highlights practical, down-to-earth, persistence and hard work that could result in big changes or could be positively noted in the workplace or in government. This trine will be part of a triangle of potential which includes the sun sextile Neptune in Pisces and Neptune sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. So this brings a couple of opportunities related to Neptune issues. Neptune can be creative arts, music, film, and painting. It can be imagination and fantasy. With Neptune connecting with two Earth signs, there's a possibility to bring a creative or imaginative dream or fantasy to reality. A proposal for a creative matter brought to a corporation or the government could bring an opportunity that is positive. The sun in Taurus sextiling Neptune means that there will be a tendency to persist with determination or even stubbornness in making this happen.

Juno is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Juno brings a strong, committed connection or partnership to the business deal. It's okay to sign a contract since Mercury is direct.

May 5: Today there is an unusual configuration in the sky called a yod, which is formed by a quincunx between the Sun and Jupiter comma and a quincunx between Neptune and Jupiter, along with a sextile between the Sun and Neptune. So there is an opportunity again with a persistent efforts to make a creative dream come true, and today Jupiter in Libra as part of that, meaning that there could be some adjustment that needs to be made with legal issues of fairness, or philosophical matters. the solution to that comes from what is opposite Jupiter. And that is Mercury and Uranus in Aries. That could relate to an unusual agreement, idea, perspective, or conversation. Perhaps a passionate plea or strong argument for something that comes up unexpectedly.

This configuration is also part of the grand Trine to North Node, which can connect the project or the agreement itself to the collective purpose and Destiny at this time. So this could be an important effort and agreement.

There is also a Grand Trine involving the Sun in Taurus, the moon in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. This Earth Grand Trine brings in a lot of hard work, persistence, attention to detail, organization, expertise, and responsibility that could result in highly positive change that could relate to business, government, food, nutrition, or health.

May 6: We still have Mars in Gemini and it is opposite Lilith in Sagittarius. This is the feminine power related to International, legal or philosophical issues surrounding sexual matters versus men in the media, or multiple issues that are related to men or War or hostility. and this could relate to sexual harassment being reported in the media or relating to some situation in the media world. Perhaps a similar issue to the Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly lawsuits and firings. This could also relate to human trafficking issues and helping women find their power.

On a personal note it could be some hostile social situations that affect one’s sense of powerful matters related to the feminine. This could come about from foreign culture. This could relate to standing up to something occurring in a social group.

The Moon is moving through Virgo and Libra today. At one point it will be opposite Chiron in Pisces. There could be some emotional pain and sensitivity that comes up that may seem to be related to some small detail or possibly related to hard work. However Virgo also involves health as Chiron does, and there could be an emotional concern about someone's health, injury, pain or need for healing.
The moon will also be square to Saturn in Sagittarius when it is in Virgo. This emotion could cause stress or tension related to legal or educational responsibilities or limitations. Possibly affecting getting work done on time. It also could relate to publishing stresses.

The moon in Virgo causes a T-square between Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. Chiron and Saturn have been square for a while, and that was covered earlier. Bringing the moon into the mix adds an emotional component, bringing discomfort because there are so many squares and oppositions here.
Eventually the moon in Libra will be opposite Venus in Aries. This relates to emotions in regard to other relationships and partnerships or in regard to fairness and justice and harmony. There could be comfort issues in that regard that are being upset by passionate love, a passion for owning something. There could also be a strong desire or effort that is very prosperous that upsets someone's feelings. It could shift a balance in some way that causes tension.

May 7: The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra today which could relate to feelings of harmony and balance, however, it depends on the other planets, and in a personal chart, what natal planets are being aspected. Jupiter and Pluto have been at odds but the degree point is not exact. We do have the Moon and Jupiter trine Mars in Gemini. That is very positive and energizes a sense of emotional comfort along with beneficial legal matters, justice, fairness and harmony causing good feelings. Efforts in social groups could be what energizes these benefits.

The sun is trine to Pluto in Capricorn again today. So there is a highly positive focus on work, patience and determination or responsibility that could bring change to the workplace or government. Some positive and persistent efforts that are made could be highly regarded by the boss at work or some authority.

Mars in Gemini is square to Neptune in Pisces. There could be some tension between a strong drive to be social or communicating with others versus being meditative, creative, or sensitive to others. In this kind of situation it could possibly be related to an effort to communicate in two areas, or with multiple resources that causes confusion, going into something blindly that creates a problem or stress.

May 8: Mercury and Uranus are exactly conjunct in Aries today. This ongoing transit is affecting thoughts, communication, transportation, but Mercury is not retrograde. However, it is what astrologers call “in shadow,” meaning it is not yet back to where it was before it went retrograde. With Uranus in Aries (and disruptive dwarf planet ERIS nearby), there could be sudden outbursts, yelling, powerful statements, disturbing incidents related to communication or short-distance travel, and even technology. Uranus rules higher level technology like the internet and Mercury rules mechanical things and communication technology, such as telephones, computers, cars, and other machines. The moon in Libra is opposite this conjunction, so whatever the Mercury/Uranus situations turn out to be, they could cause upsetting emotional responses, possibly related to harmony, and relationships or what is fair and just.

May 9: The moon and sun are making their marks. Moon in Libra is, at one point, quincunx Venus in Aries. Libra can be connected to relationships, partners, fairness and harmony, and the moon affects comfort or emotional connections. Venus is passionate love or even the love that comes with a side of nasty, with Aries bringing in some possible combative tendencies. Quincunx angles make something definitely uncomfortable or in need of adjustment. So possibly some kind of secretive sexy stuff going on that brings up emotions and possible discomfort because of this passionate or domination style of love. It could also relate to a secret hurried rendevous (Aries is energetic or frenetic) and the moon in Libra--emotional connection due to a relationship or partnership issue, what is fair and harmonious. Something needs to be adjusted in this situation.

The moon in Libra and North Node in Leo are 60 apart, which brings in an opportunity for emotions regarding fairness or partnership to positively affect the collective purpose at this time.

The sun in Taurus is exactly 120 away from Pluto in Capricorn, a highly positive angle. Focus from the Sun on the Earth sign Taurus highlights the Earth, gardening, food, stability, comfort and security. And this produces a positive effect in relation to responsibilities of government or business or the authority figure. Pluto also brings in major change and powerful change, which could be related to a focus on security or food or the Earth. Ultimately it will be positive.

May 10: Today is the day of the full moon in Scorpio. There could be strong emotional Issues today. The Sun is still trine to Pluto as it was yesterday. Comfort security and stability may be affected by the responsibility or work of government/ business or related to major changes taking place. Remember that a full moon brings about lots of feelings and especially, in Scorpio, very intense deeply-held feelings hidden feelings and brings about a combination or an ending to something. But it allows us to move ahead.

Venus in Aries is 120 away from Lilith in Sagittarius. Black Moon Lilith can relate to sexuality but also to feminine power, a strong feminine person in someone's life or their own feminine side. Venus in Aries is love and could also relate to women, and Aries is energy and passion and possibly even aggressiveness. So the very highly positive angle of these two powerful, feminine aspects could result in some kind of a strong effort or push by women related to their power or it could relate to a strong woman being very positively supported and loved. Sagittarius represents legal issues, educational matters, foreign cultures. There could be something related to a woman on the Supreme Court doing something that strengthens issues related to women or something that shows her strength or power in her role.

Mercury in late Aries is exactly 120 away from Saturn in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center. Mercury is also still close to Uranus in Aries as well. The exactness this of the degree between Mercury and Saturn can relate to strong positive communication or news and it could be related to something that cuts through the wasteful or unnecessary agendas or items and brings in a divinely inspired message, yet it will have a sense of practicality end responsibility, as well.

The full moon in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn, which brings an opportunity for government or business to shine a light on issues that may be emotional and hidden. And by doing so it could have a positive effect. These two planets are each quincunx to Mars in Gemini, forming a yod (triangle) pointing to Mars. There will be need for an adjustment in this connection that brings out such strong emotions in order to avoid a hostile or angry response by social groups or the media. The solution lies in Sagittarius, the opposite of Gemini. Sagittarius represents legal matters, educational matters, foreign cultures or travel, as well as publishing and broadcasting. Something in that grouping holds the key to keeping things from getting out of hand. Possibly a legal decision that deals with issues under the surface.

May 11: Mercury is still exactly 120 from Saturn today. Another exact angle is Mars in Gemini 90 away from Neptune in Pisces. Mars represents action, aggression, combativeness, passion, strength, or competition. At this angle from Neptune there could be confusion or lack of clarity that could cause tension or stress or a challenging situation. Neptune could also be something spiritual or a creative endeavor such as film, photography, or music and there could be a competition going on covered by the media-- something like The Voice or American Idol, Dancing with the Stars-- that requires overcoming difficulties.

Mars in Gemini is still 120 from Jupiter in Libra, which is highly positive and good for relationships and social interactions. It could also relate to the news media or something in the news that is concerned with justice or harmony with a foreign culture.

There's a T-square formed by Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. Mercury is opposite Jupiter which could relate to a difference of opinion as to what is fair and just. And it could involve big business or government or some standing authority figure. On a personal level it could be a problem at work that is causing stress or tension with higher-ups regarding discussions or perspectives.

The moon at one point will be exactly trine to Chiron. Chiron represents our wounds and pain and injury and healing. There could be comfort coming from deep feelings and sensitivity related to this pain. On a social level it could relate to group or individual who has been hurt and needs healing and there could be a strong sentiment of emotion and a desire to bring comfort to the person by others. This could also be the case on a personal level. With this and the T-Square, there could be a human rights issue or a concern about some government or business event that is not fair and causes pain that leads to an outpouring of emotion.

May 12: Mars is the star today. We have Mars again trine Jupiter as was discussed yesterday, but today it is exact. Mars is also square to Neptune again. And today Mars in Gemini is directly opposite the moon in Sagittarius. The moon in Sagittarius can represent comfort or emotions related to legal issues, education or foreign cultures and travel. Mars across from that, however, brings in a challenging level of possible hostility, aggression, assertiveness resulting from interactions with others or from news media. There could be reports of hostility about some kind of emotional issue related to the law or education, travel or International affairs. (Watch out, airlines and school officials).

Venus in Aries is again that a highly positive angle to Lilith in Sagittarius. That feminine power is still in the air. The moon, however is conjunct Lilith in Sagittarius. So that will bring in a level of comfort or strengthen feelings of power that black moon Lilith represents.

May 13: It's all about the moon today, which meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius at the Galactic Center. So there could be an emotional issue about giving up whatever is necessary to give up. There could be comfort coming from divine guidance that is connected to a sense of responsibility, practicality and hard work. Saturn also makes things real. So whatever the divine guidance is could be showing up in a material way. Seeing it materialize and is having comfort from that. Angels among us, perhaps.

In this position the Moon is square to Chiron, which is where Saturn has been for a while. Square is 90 away from each other, which means there could be hurt and pain in the emotions. The Moon is at a highly positive angle to Mercury in Aries. Our thoughts and the things we say could be emotional or somebody could say something very passionate that is very comforting to us. And it could be surprising or unexpected because the Moon is also at a highly positive angle to Uranus. The communication is all very positive and comforting and possibly very emotionally painful. The Moon is at a very positive angle to the north node in Leo, so this relates to the collective destiny. With its connection to Saturn at the Galactic Center, it relates to a divine intervention. These all form a Grand Trine, which is extremely positive and an easy aspect.

May 15: We have the Moon conjunct Pluto today in Capricorn. The moon brings in the emotions, feelings, or comfort level. Pluto is the authority, the government, business the boss. In Capricorn there is a sense of hard work and responsibility so what could be happening is related to work or the boss and is generating feelings related to what you're responsible for, the work that you're doing, what is the practical thing to do related to government or business or your personal job. Pluto can sometimes also mean being an expert or an authority in something, and that would be determined by your personal chart. The moon connecting with that could bring up emotions or comfort in knowing about that topic and being an expert. For example, if you are an expert gardener, the moon could mean that you're finding this role to be very comforting to you or that you put a lot of feeling into the work you do in this regard.

May 16: The sun in Taurus is sextile Chiron in Pisces. Taurus has to do with patience and determination, possibly stubbornness, but also relates to feeling safe and secure and comfortable. The sun is highlighting this area right now and it gives us an opportunity to heal. If we've been sick we may need patience to wait for healing. If we've been injured we may need determination in doing physical therapy to return to the level of performance we would like to achieve. It also could mean comforting somebody making them feel safe and secure if they've been hurt.

However, Jupiter is quincunx Chiron exactly, which brings in a need to make an adjustment in a big way regarding relationships and issues of pain, injury, or needing to heal, or even in regard to healthcare. In order to be fair and maintain harmony, something will need to be adjusted to prevent things from being uncomfortable in a relationship or partnership because there could be sensitive issues involved that have caused pain.

The Sun In Taurus is trine the Moon in Capricorn, which is a highly positive angle in down-to-earth, practical hard-working signs. Those aspects are highlighted because we have both Luminaries connecting there. Hard work and responsibility, patience and determination will pay off because this is an extremely positive angle, but with the moon's quick movements, it will not last long. Take advantage of that today when you are working or doing something related to your security and stability.

May 17: There's a grand trine today the sky in air signs. Air signs represent how we think and communicate and relate to each other. A Grand Trine is a highly positive aspect related to this. The Moon in Aquarius is trine Jupiter in Libra and both are trine to Mars in Gemini. Trine is 120 apart, and that forms an equilateral triangle in the sky. When you look at the planets and the signs, it will include how comfortable we feel, how our emotions respond to conversations and interactions with other people, possibly at social events or regarding social justice. Jupiter in Libra brings in an element that could be related to the law, justice and fairness. Aquarius has a sense of Independence or of doing something for the social good. Gemini can relate to the media, social groups or events, and what is being discussed. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and we have Mercury in Taurus squaring the moon in Aquarius. A square angle is 90 apart, and it is normally challenging or represents something that needs to be overcome in order to be successful. But a grand trine trumps a square in many ways, because the energy is positive and connects three planets and their energy to help overcome the challenge that a square brings. Mercury rules communication, thinking, teaching, and transportation, as well as machinery. There may be some kind of challenging feelings related to something that is in the news or is communicated or that we hear about in some way. Possibly emotional issues surrounding transportation or machinery. You know how that goes when the car won’t start or the computer crashes.

May 18: Today we have the sun exactly sextile to Chiron in Pisces, so the sun in Taurus highlights patience and determination and Chiron represents wounds, injuries, healing. A sextile angle gives us a chance to do something positive if we choose to-- and that means that patience and determination could help in regard to compassion about someone who is healing, or hurt, or about our own wounds and need to heal.

Another sextile taking place in the sky is between Mercury and the Moon. The Moon is in Pisces, a sign that represents compassion and sensitivity. The Moon is about comfort and feelings, and Mercury is in Taurus. So, we have two planets in Taurus connecting with two planets in Pisces. It seems to be a day for compassion and patience, comforting someone or taking care of ourselves as a means of healing and feeling good -- being sensitive and compassionate.

May 19: V early in the day we have the Moon just entering Pisces and the sun just exiting Taurus and they are square to each other. This is on the east of the US. just after midnight. There could be some unexpected emotional feelings that challenge our sense of security, stability, patience or determination. Something out of the blue may touch on our feelings but it will pass quickly and then the moon goes into Pisces for the rest of the day. The moon Square Sun also squares the North Node in Leo and creates a T-square formation that focuses on the sun in Taurus. North Node means something that is destined or related to purpose and in Leo it could relate to children, fun, gambling or love.

We also have Jupiter in Libra opposing Venus in Aries. Libra is the sign of relationships and partnerships. Jupiter expands what it touches. In opposition to Venus, the love planet that also represents harmony and prosperity, which is in Aries-- adding a passionate energy-driven effect-- things could result in aggression in relation to love and happiness, and there could be major hindrances to a relationship. It could also possibly be an important focus on relationship as a result of some kind of passion, whether it's anger or sexuality, or both, that is related to love.

More about the moon is that it is in a triangle of potential between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is in Aries and Saturn is in Sagittarius. The Moon is in Aquarius just after midnight. This could relate to manifesting something in an unexpected strong feelings, passion and alternative ways of doing something, and Saturn making it real. Sagittarius could bring in a higher level of spirituality, or philosophy or even another culture as part of this connection. Looking at this makes me think that just before going to sleep on the 18th, putting strong feeling and focus and using alternative practices could help bring something to reality that is a meaningful passion. The key here is that the feeling is unique and possibly unusual.

May 20: The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces today, and that can bring out emotions possibly due to confusion or misunderstandings and lead to feeling sensitive, compassionate or even depressed. It could come about due to music or a film touches our emotions. However, it doesn't have to be sad; it can also touch on our feelings of love, happiness, nostalgia, or imagination and fantasy.

Mars and Gemini is quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. There could be something uncomfortable that is reported in the news about the government or business. There could be discussions in social settings about an authority figure, leader, expert, or boss. Those communications could be uncomfortable unless an adjustment is made.

May 21: The sun enters Gemini today, so there is a highlighted aspect related to communication, social events or meetings, and the media. Gemini is how we communicate and how we think. There can also be two different aspects when things are in Gemini.

The moon in Aries is sextile to the sun in Gemini. There's a positive opportunity to feel comfortable in taking action regarding communication, social situations, meetings, or the media. This is an angle of opportunity, and if you take action, something positive can happen otherwise it won't necessarily have an effect. There is a possibility of expressing feelings or taking action to communicate something, or to participate in a social setting.

Saturn in Sagittarius is exactly trine (120 away from) Uranus in Aries. This is an ongoing aspect throughout the year, and today it is exact, so it will be strong, and it is highly positive. Unusual or alternative events could happen quickly or unexpectedly that are practical in a positive way, or they could bring something out of the ordinary into reality. It's also positive in that if something unpredictable is an explosive situation, Saturn puts boundaries around that and limits its effects.

May 22: Today the Moon is conjunct Venus in Aries. So there will be a time during the day when passionate feelings meet up with love, happiness and possibly prosperity. It may be a good day to buy a lottery ticket or to do something you love to do and that you're passionate about. It could involve other people, your home, how you make money, but it will likely generate some good feelings.

May 23: Today the moon meets up with Uranus in Aries. There's a possibility for unexpected blow-ups that come from passionate feelings or anger, and that may seem out of the blue. It won't last long but it can be good or bad, and it will be restricted by practical, responsible Saturn. So things are not likely to get out of hand because of the positive influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius brings in a higher-level perspective, which puts practical thinking ahead of emotional upsets. This combination is part of an ongoing Grand Trine made up of Uranus, Saturn and the North Node, and the moon brings in some feelings and highlights that Grand trine, which is part of the collective destiny at this time. It is something we all need to experience as a collective society.

May 24: Today's only major transit is that the moon in Taurus will briefly be at a highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings will be practical and patient and there will be a level of comfort in regard to something being done by the boss, business, or major changes that are taking place related to structures or work.

May 25: Today there is a new moon in Gemini, which means the Sun and Moon are meeting up at that time. We're coming into Memorial Day weekend, and people are probably going to be already feeling like they are on vacation. It's a very social, comfortable focus that's being highlighted here. And it's being supported by the fact that Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Aries is excited, energetic happiness, love and good feelings, or passionate love, and that is being challenged by the sense of responsibility related to work, the boss, business and limitations based on that. So you may want to start partying or getting romantic today but you still have work to do and somebody's going to be reminding you of that.

May 26: Even more strongly today we have Venus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn and they are exact. So the energy is stronger for wanting to take action to do things that are happy and fun, to spend money, or do things with people you love or do things that you love to do in a passionate way, but the need to be responsible and keep working or to be limited is still causing stress and tension and putting up restrictions.

At the same time, the moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of social events, chatting with others, parties and Mars brings a strong sense of wanting to take action and the moon adds a feeling of wanting to do that. So people are feeling like they're ready to party with this aspect.

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Neptune Pisces and they are forming a yod to Jupiter in Libra. Mercury is communication and what we think about and Taurus is about persistence and comfort or security. Neptune in Pisces is Imagination, being boundless, creativity, and a little bit of being blind to something or not clear about something. It's also connected to sensitivity, intuition, meditation, and spirituality. So there seems to be an opportunity to think about finding security and comfort through Spirituality, creativity or imagination and maybe not seeing everything that there is to see. these two planets are forming a yod, which is a triangle pointing to Jupiter in Libra, so there may be a need to make an adjustment in order to be fair, harmonious to those we are in relationship with. And in order to do that we may need to find an unusual or alternative way of using our energy. It's telling us to take other people into consideration in order to be fair and to get along better by making an adjustment and taking an alternative approach, possibly related to technology when we are discussing or thinking about creative, spiritual ways of finding comfort. See how that plays out in your life.

May 27: The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, which often brings out the emotions or thoughts of mother or home or family of origin.

Mars in Gemini is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius today. A desire to take action possibly to go to a social event or to have a party could be restricted somehow because of responsibilities or a need to do work or because it is not practical to do that today. It may still happen but there could be hindrances that come up.

Jupiter in Libra is quincunx to Mercury Taurus exactly today. Mercury relates to help what we think about and talk about or the news media. Taurus is persistent, patient, and could be related to the Comforts of home, what we own, what we eat and drink. We may be thinking about what we want to cook or buy this weekend we may have to make an adjustment because of a major focus on relationship, harmony, fairness or possibly some legal or philosophical issue. Maybe wanting to drink that doesn't go along with what we know we should be doing. maybe it would create disharmony with others we have relationships with.

May 28: The good news today is that Mercury in Taurus is at an exact, positive angle of opportunity to Neptune in Pisces. This is again related to what we think about and talk about related to our personal comfort and happiness and what we own, how we make money, being patient determined. And Neptune in Pisces provides an opportunity to be creative, imaginative, go outside our usual boundaries and make it part of our reality.

A challenging aspect today is the Moon in cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn exactly for a brief time. There could be a lot of emotions coming up that challenge our sense of our responsibility, the work we have to do. There may be a sense of being upset at having to do all the work or feeling like everything is on our shoulders. That's someone is bossing us around or making us do work that we don't feel like doing, and It's upsetting.

May 29: Today it's all about Mars in Gemini, and that is to be expected on a holiday weekend. Mars is action and excitement and energy and in Gemini it is about socializing, partying, talking, and being friendly. It is bringing up opportunities to do things that are expected in our culture or Society, such as the barbecue, the parade, Memorial services. It is also bringing in an opportunity to do crazy outlandish things based on passion or excitement. Mars will be opposite Saturn in Sagittarius exactly. Which means that there will be opposition to being responsible working hard today. No Limits will be the strong desire in social situations.

But Saturn is at a highly positive angle to Uranus in Aries, so there will be some mature responsible influence over things getting unexpectedly out of hand, possibly because of things like traffic checks for drunk drivers. The authority will be doing something to maintain a positive outcome unexpected and unusual enthusiastic activity.

May 30: There's a lot going on today. The moon in Leo is at a challenging angle to Mercury in Taurus. Thoughts that are patient and connected to being down to earth staying secure and comfortable are being challenged by feelings of wanting to take a risk, wanting to have fun end play. For example, this could mean wanting to go to the casino, when the more practical thinking is challenging that related to are income and how we want to spend our money, to buy something we like, or to maintain prosperity.
A positive opportunity comes about regarding relationships and sexuality. If not that, it could be related to Justice or fairness and feminine power in the world or in legal matters and philosophical discussions. Good legal or international partnerships could come about that enhance the power of women.

There is a Grand Trine that connects the Moon, Venus, and Saturn in fire signs. So there is an excitement and good feelings, harmony and building new structures or establishing responsibility through hard work, government or business that and relate to women or children, education, or people from other countries. This is very positive and brings about positive feelings and working together towards something harmonious.

Mars is also at a harmonious angle of opportunity to the Moon today. So there could be loving and fun feelings possible in relation to social groups and activities, if we take the opportunity to make that happen. It is a good day to plan for this. Something like a graduation ceremony or an end-of-school party could enhance group feelings.

May 31: The sun in Gemini is almost exactly trine to Jupiter in Libra. A focus on communication or news, possibly tests or studying can highlight positive results and relationships or harmony, fairness, justice. It could also be a group social activity promotes partnerships in a very positive way with a big effect on understanding others that lead to good communication and harmony.

Mars in Gemini is at a positive angle of opportunity to Venus in Aries. So there could be some happy energy, excitement, love. Maybe a wedding or an engagement party, a prom perhaps, where there is love and excitement and passion lots of social energy.

Mercury in Taurus is exactly 120 away from Pluto in Capricorn. There is an extremely positive connection here between thinking about income, security and stability, as well as comfort levels, food and drink, what we own and their relationship to our boss, changes at work, responsibility and power. Perhaps a promotion or taking a new level of responsibility and working hard to bring about changes that positively affect talks about income, prosperity, security and comfort in our work, our ability to own things, to eat and drink.