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Monthly Astrology

Astrology for the month ahead — May 2017

By Dr. Diane, the Hungarian Aquarian


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June 2017 Monthly Forecast

June 1:  Today is a big day for important aspects.  The Sun in Gemini squares the moon in Virgo for a brief time.  Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo so this has to do with communication and social situations or the media.  Sun in Gemini could relate to two of something—news stories, points of view, ideas, discussions.   The moon in Virgo represents feelings about service to others, health nutrition, or attention to detail and being organized. There is a challenge or hurdle to overcome that is being discussed that affects feelings and emotions related to the Virgo issues.  It could be the two houses of Congress and the healthcare issue that is causing strong emotional responses to repeal of ACA.  It could have something to do with food stamps and what is being discussed or reported in the news. On a personal level it could be challenges in a social situation that are affecting feelings about service to others or about small details that need attention.

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries.  Changing relationships in the throes of passion is very possible, as Uranus relates to unexpected change, Aries has a fiery passion, energy or hostility, and Venus is love, happiness, prosperity.  A sudden change in financial prosperity based on quick, surprise changes, or energy put into a financial opportunity.  This is sextile (60°from ) Mars in Gemini  bringing an opportunity for surprise passion. Mars and Venus normally relate to passionate love.  With Venus in Aries, the passion is even more intense, and Uranus brings in the element of unpredictability or surprise.  With Mars in Gemini, two men could be involved, or more than one opportunity, or more than one communication, social event, or meeting.  With Uranus in the mix, it could relate to an online dating site or meeting online—emails, or text messaging that is hot and steamy.   If it is not related to love and passion, it could very well be related to an opportunity to make money by putting a lot of energy into a surprise or unexpected event or activity.  Venus means it could be prosperous. 

Venus is also exactly trine Saturn and Uranus is exactly trine the North Node.  So Saturn adds another element of hard work paying off, keeping the passionate efforts grounded.  And the North Node in Leo can relate to a destined risk that is taken, or flirtation that is a destined event, that  brings a fun element into the activity.

Mercury in Taurus is trine or 120°from Pluto in Capricorn.  Mercury relates to the focus on Gemini and Virgo—where the sun and moon are situated today.  Mercury brings in the element of thoughts, communication, the media and travel, and connected to Pluto in Capricorn, could be related to a government issue, big business, an authority or a drastic change related to business, work or responsibility.  Mercury in this position is also trine the moon in Virgo, meaning this connection creates a Grand Trine in earth—practical, secure, stable, and grounded. So ideas, news, communication under this aspect will be serious, focused on responsibilities regarding service to others and health, and providing security and stability.  It bodes well for these issues to receive highly positive consideration, discussion, and to hear positive news about them.

Neptune in Pisces is opposite the moon in Virgo for a brief time, so there could be a number of ways that comfort regarding service to others is hindered—whether it is due to a lack of clarity or something being confused or blurry.  There could also be a creative solution that is needed to avoid uncomfortable responses to some of the details.  There could also be an intuitive issue that relates to feelings and what is compassionate to others. 

Mars in Gemini is square to Chiron in Pisces.  Energy and effort, activity related to discussions, meetings, media is at odds with health, healing, illness.  Possibly challenging news or discussions related to healthcare insurance in the U.S.  Possibly bad news regarding a health issue or injury, maybe news of an attack that causes harm.  Mars in Gemini is also opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius.  This can represent either a sense of wanting to take action but being limited—with this, there could be a desire to have a meeting or discussion, or to make an announcement but legal, philosophical or foreign issues may be restricting that from happening.  It could also relate to a strong effort to communicate in a foreign culture and either being restricted, limited or taking time to learn and build up the ability to do so. 

June 2: Today’s aspects are mostly the same as on June 1, other than the moon in Virgo being square to Mars in Gemini.  Feelings may be upset related to details of something that is said, something that is reported in the news, or arguments in social situations or meetings.  There could be emotional arguments or feelings related to attacks, arguments, fights, or passionate displays at social events. Since mars is still sextile to Venus and Uranus, there could be something unexpected, something related to love/sex, or an unexpected passionate energy that creates a sense of discomfort. 

The sun in Gemini is opposite Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius which could mean that focus in the media is at odds with feminine power, or that discussions are taking place related to feminine power and there is opposition involved.

June 3:  The moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra and trine the sun in Gemini.  This is highly positive beneficial, generous feelings that are affecting discussions or meetings. Possibly reports in the media that bring high-level legal or philosophical discussions related to justice, fairness, partnership and expands a sense of comfort.

While Venus has been close to Uranus in Aries, today it is an exact conjunction which adds to the grand trine among Uranus, Saturn (in Sagittarius) and the North Node in Leo.  Venus adds a positive, loving, harmonious and possibly prosperous aspect to the surprise or future-oriented/technological developments that are being created possibly internationally or in publications, and affect the destiny of the collective.  Something that is new, hi-tech, an invention of the future can very possibly be made available worldwide and affect the social collective in highly positive, financially fruitful ways.

June 4:  Today the sun in Gemini is exactly 90°(square) from Neptune in Pisces.  There could be confusing or misleading news today, or news that is unclear or based on fantasy. Possibly depressing news or compassionate discussions.  Another possibility is discussions or meetings related to spiritual issues taking place—memorial services, prayer services, meditation retreats. 

The moon and Jupiter in Libra are both 90°(square) to Pluto in Capricorn.  Moon and Jupiter conjunct are normally positive feelings related to partnerships, justice, fairness and harmony.  The square angle creates obstacles to that based on powers in business or the workplace, or government—leadership of some kind, OR based on drastic changes taking place regarding responsibility, business, and leadership issues.  Feelings of harmony and beneficence could be challenged today based on the powers that be.

Mars is changing signs from social, chatty Gemini into sensitive, moody Cancer, and will focus our energy less on social situations and more on home, family, comfort and security. 

June 5:   Mars in Cancer is trine or 120°from the Moon in Scorpio.   The moon is feelings and emotions and it is in the sign that feels most deeply, often hiding the emotions, and it is trine to strong feelings in Cancer, the sign that wears its heart on its sleeve.  So some deeply held feelings that may not normally come to the surface may be forced out into the open or strongly expressed to a very positive effect related to the home (or home country), family, financial issues, as well as possible issues related to death or underhanded, hidden issues. 

Venus is at the last degree of Aries and for a brief time will be opposite the moon as it goes from Libra to Scorpio.  Feelings related to partnership and justice, as well as hidden, deeply buried issues will be connected to and possibly hindering strong feelings of love, happiness and harmony.  There will be a lot of energy going into efforts for harmony and happiness, but feelings or comfort levels related to justice, and deep secrets will be at odds with those efforts. 

Mercury in down-to-earth, secure and stable Taurus, has been sextile (60° away from) Chiron in Pisces.  Comforting news or discussions taking place in a grounded, stable way about health issues, and compassion for the sick or injured, and possibly about healthcare.  There is compassion related to what is discussed.  Mercury is also sextile to the north node in Leo—the destiny of the social collective being based on these discussions and ideas.  Mercury here is at the center of a triangle of potential. This means that there are opportunities to affect the general population’s destiny based on discussions about healthcare, and having compassion or being sensitive to those who are sick or injured.  Mercury here is the pivotal point of the potential this aspect holds.

June 6: Strong aspects relate to the moon in Scorpio today, affecting feelings related to what is hidden and deep secrets, as well as death or financial situations.  The moon is sextile (60°) to Pluto in Capricorn.  The feelings related to deeply hidden secrets and issues are possibly coming to the surface and there is an opportunity to positively affect those in authority, drastic change related to government, business, or taking responsibility.  This sextile is at the bottom of a YOD connecting the moon and Pluto to the Sun in Gemini.  There will be uncomfortable news or discussions that would relate to the opportunity to have a positive effect on government and hidden issues, secrets about responsibilities or major changes taking place.  There could be more than one story related that could be affected by an opportunity for those in authority to take responsibility for hidden, secret issues. Or opportunity to make drastic changes based on these deeply held feelings.  There is a triangle of potential here focused on Pluto (drastic change, or those in power), with Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune in Pisces can bring in a spiritual side or compassion, as well as the possibility of confusion, fantasy or imagination.  In this configuration, I would think that intuitive feelings or psychological evaluation about what is hidden or secret is likely, and there is opportunity to have a positive effect on major changes or issues with those in power.

Venus has entered Taurus, where it is at home. This will bring a stronger, more positive sense of harmony, security and stability in financial issues, what we own or earn, and feelings of grounded, down-to-earth love and kindness. It is still close to unpredictable Uranus in explosive Aries, but it is also positively connected to Saturn in Sagittarius, and Saturn brings in more earth and grounding and practical responsibility to the mix. There will be more stability and grounding in unpredictable events, with things taking on a more positive effect.

Venus in Taurus is also sextile to Mars in Cancer. This brings an opportunity for strong emotions related to love and harmony, security and stability at home or with family.  By spending more time with family or at home, there will be a good sense of happiness and comfort.  Putting energy into gardening, decorating the home, cooking or planning family meals will be very positive and harmonious.

June 7:  Venus, Mercury and Mars are all at 1°of adjacent signs Taurus, Gemini and Cancer.  Venus is at home in Taurus and Mercury is at home in Gemini.  So strong sense of comfort, stability, security and harmony with important and strong feelings coming to the surface, as well as lots of discussions, meetings and media activity starting up now.  The sun in Gemini is quincunx or 150° away from Pluto, which means an uncomfortable connection between meetings or the media and government or those in authority or drastic changes taking place. There will need to be an adjustment made to deal best with this aspect.  The media and communication has a strong focus right now with both the sun and mercury in there.

June 8: Mars in Cancer is exactly sextile Venus in Taurus.  Mars in Cancer is very strong or passionate feelings, desire for security or feeling strongly at home connecting in an angle of opportunity with Venus in Taurus.  Venus is happiness, love, ownership, harmony in the secure and stable sign of Taurus, that brings comfort and nurturing.  This could be a day of needing comfort and nurturing and taking the opportunity to make it happen, or a day of reaching out to give comfort to someone who is feeling emotional and in need of nurturing and love and feeling at home.  This is not something that will automatically happen but some action needs to be taken.

Another sextile today is between Jupiter in Libra and the moon in Sagittarius for a brief period of time.  Emotional issues (moon) related to higher level of education, foreign culture, the law, spirituality or publishing (Sagittarius).   Jupiter rules Sag, so it brings another level to those issues, and Jupiter expands it.  In Libra, there is a partnership or relationship connection or an issue that relates to justice, harmony and balance.  Considering Libra’s justice focus, connected to Jupiter’s and Sagittarius’ connection to the law or philosophy, there could be a big focus that brings up emotions about a legal matter.  There could a focus on a legal relationship, as well.  This is also an opportunity that needs action to make a difference.

June 9:  We have a full moon in Sagittarius which is sextile to Jupiter in Libra, and Jupiter is trine to the sun in Gemini, both positive angles.  Jupiter brings in expansion and beneficial aspects to the full moon.  The sun is in sociable and communicative Gemini and will be expanded by Jupiter possibly related to justice or some kind of partnership through meetings, social events, discussions—or there could be media involvement that reports on justice issues based on higher level legal and philosophical perspectives. The angle of opportunity between Jupiter and the moon (in Sag) also can bring things to a higher level legally, philosophically, related to foreign cultures and lead to a sense of justice or harmony and good feelings about these issues, but only if some action is taken to address the feelings and expand upon them to bring them to a higher level, possibly to partner with another to make things happen.

Neptune in Pisces is square to the full moon aspect (the sun oppose moon). This brings in a connection for confusion or lack of clarity in relation to legal issues, foreign relations, meetings and communication, as well as what is in the media.  There could be hurdles to getting clarity or understanding, or to reaching a compassionate or spiritual understanding. 

The moon becomes conjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius part of the grand trine of Saturn, Uranus and the North Node.  Moon conjunct Saturn brings feelings of the need for responsibility, self-control, and seriousness related to legal issues, international concerns, education, and philosophical discussions.  It gives the feeling that it’s time to get over the emotional issues and get to work.  Unexpected events could be bringing up positive feelings and highly effective responses to those events. 

There are two important quincunx angles today, too.  The sun in Gemini is quincunx Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is power, government, business or the authority—also drastic change in responsibility.  The sun in Gemini is a focus on social interactions, the media, meetings, communication, or what is said.  The angle creates discomfort between the two.  For example, what the media says or what is communicated as opposed to what the authority represents or as opposed to a drastic change. An adjustment needs to be made.   It could be a difference of what is represented.

Another quincunx is between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces.  Both planets are expansive and opening us up to newer experiences.  Jupiter in Libra could be opening up harmony and justice and the possibility of partnership—perhaps among other cultures, people from other cultures, or through legal decisions.  Neptune opens us up to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual insights.  This awkward angle means that to get the best out of this connection, an adjustment is needed to avoid discomfort.

Mars in Cancer continues to be exactly sextile to Venus in Taurus.

June 10:   Today the moon in Capricorn is opposite Mars in Cancer.  Emotions are strong today, with the energy of Mars in Cancer and its focus on home. Family, mother or nurturing and a desire to find comfort or security.  Capricorn represents work, responsibility and practicality, and the moon in Capricorn keeps feelings and emotions in check, down-to-earth and focused on what needs to be done no matter how one feels.  Depending on where in your chart these planets and signs fall, you will have strong feelings affecting an area of your life, while at the same time, having the sense that you need to keep it together in spite of possible overwhelming emotions 

June 11:   The moon in Capricorn meets up with Pluto and is quincunx the sun.  The same energy described on the 9th as the sun quincunx Pluto is in effect here, but the moon adds feelings of what the responsibility should be of the government, those in power, the authority.  Or feelings related to drastic changes taking place that are being reported in the media, or are the focus of discussions and meetings, are causing discomfort and there needs to be an adjustment made to relieve that discomfort. 

Jupiter in Libra is trine this week to Mercury in Gemini.  Mercury rules Gemini – and represents communication, discussions, news, teaching, as well as short-distance travel.  Jupiter expands the importance and amount of communication and could relate in a highly positive way to partnerships, justice, harmony, and possibly higher-level legal issues, international issues, or matters of spiritual or philosophical understandings.  This highly positive angle means that there will be positive results within these matters.  News about legal issues or justice, discussions about foreign affairs and possibly meetings with international representatives.  On a personal level it could relate to positive travel to meet with someone, or discussions about relationships or partnerships.

However, Mercury in Gemini is square to Neptune in Pisces, which could create challenges or obstacles to clarity, compassion or creativity.  Possibly a lack of imagination, vision, or some kind of confusion will build a glitch into this communication or meetings. 

June 12:  This week we have had Jupiter in Libra sextile Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius and Black moon Lilith square Neptune in Pisces.  Black Moon Lilith represents feminine strength and power, sometimes hidden power, as well as raw sexuality.  The connection to Jupiter in Libra could relate to opportunities for relationships to have positive outcomes from a sexual experience or because of a woman’s strength.  The Sagittarius connection (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) can bring in legal or international matters, education, and publishing.  The connection between BML and Neptune can bring a sexual encounter to a higher spiritual level, or could relate to fantasy, or not seeing everything clearly.  With the square angle, there is a challenge or hurdle to overcome, so there may be a disconnect with someone in a relationship that is fulfilling a fantasy for one person and not for the other, or it represents a love-is-blind experience. 

On the world stage, women can have a legal or international victory if related to justice and balance, legal matters and philosophical understandings. If the opportunity presents itself to show strength and power, this is the day to make things happen.

June 13:   A Grand Trine in air signs connects Mercury in Gemini, the Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra  today bringing in the idea of feelings about social justice, a major focus on harmony, and legal or partnership concerns, and lots of media or communication about these issues.  It brings a very positive energy to all these aspects working together.  Unexpected or unusual emotional outpouring for humanitarian or social justice issues will be strong.

The sun in Gemini is sextile to Eris in Aries, bringing an opportunity for media to report on surprise, disruptive outbursts or for meetings to take place that cause unexpected disruption and upheaval, that result in a positive outcome. 

So there could be some shake-ups coming about based on feeling the need for justice, and meetings or news creating a disturbance that will bring about positive results.

June 14:  The sun in Gemini is exactly opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius and connects to the Grand Fire Trine connecting Saturn, Uranus and the North Node.   The sun opposite Uranus relates to responsibility (possibly on an educational, legal or international level), and limitations (possibly legal or international), creating hindrances to discussions, meetings, or news media.   This grand trine configuration is part of the social destiny (because of the North Node) and continues to bring out unexpected events (Uranus) that relate to  or are overseen in a positive way by responsible limitations from legal or foreign matters (Saturn in Sag).  

Saturn is also positively connected to the moon in Aquarius today via an angle of opportunity that could result in an emotional appeal for social justice or unexpected, unpredictable feelings about something becoming a reality or being taken seriously by legal, educational or international representatives. 

The moon in Aquarius is exactly trine to the Sun in Gemini today.  The unpredictable or unexpected feelings that are coming up are highly likely to be positively discusses or reported in the media.  Positive outcomes can result.

June 15:  The moon in Pisces is trine Mars in Cancer.  There are strong feelings that lead to positive outcomes.  The moon brings in spiritual or compassionate feelings, Mars brings in a desire to find comfort.   Moon rules Cancer, which involves family, mother, home, so there is a possible connection to having compassion or intuitive feelings about a need to comfort a family member or to do something to bring comfort and security to the home.   

The moon and Mars are each sextile to Venus in Taurus, providing an opportunity for taking an action on a feelings and emotions related to love that will be very positive.  This is a triangle of potential that could bring comforting feelings of love, result in happiness and harmony, or even quick financial prosperity.  There will be strong and sensitive emotions involved, possibly in relation to a family member or parent.                                                                                                            

Mercury in Gemini is exactly quincunx Pluto in Capricorn.  There is an uncomfortable connection between what is being discussed or reported in the media and those in power, the government, business or big changes taking place in a work situation.  Possibly related to death, power, taking charge and who is responsible for getting work done.  An adjustment needs to be made based on what is being communicated. 

June 16:  Moon in Pisces is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn—an angle of opportunity that brings together authority, responsibility and feelings of compassion and sensitivity. In this aspect, someone in authority, or the boss or government, can show responsibility and a seriousness in being sensitive or compassionate to feelings being expressed, and can see a positive outcome as a result, but only if some action is taken in being understanding.

Mercury in Gemini is at a challenging angle to the moon in Pisces.  The moon brings out feelings and emotions, and Pisces is an emotional, compassionate sign.  The sign of intuition and caregiving.  There will be a sense of feeling compassion and kindness, sensitivity to situations that will be at odds with what is in the media, what is being said or what ideas are being put forth.  Those ideas or discussions may ignore the sensitivities people are feeling about something, possibly depression or confusion.  Mercury is also conjunct Ceres in Gemini and Ceres brings a sense of nurturing, food comfort, but it is not taking into account sensitive feelings, or intuitive feelings may be sensing something not right with things being discussed or reported.

This week the sun in Gemini is also sextile to Uranus in Aries, which means there is a positive opportunity for some communications, news, or discussion to take place about something that is an unexpected upheaval, show of power or attack.   There could also be a positive opportunity to talk about, discuss, plan, or report on a futuristic technological development related to energy or war or power.  The sun is sextile to North Node in Leo, as well, which relates to an opportunity for positive results linked to the discussion or news and its potential effect on the destiny of the social collective.  This configuration creates a triangle of potential with the sun at the center, meaning the news or communication taking place could be a key aspect connected to the destiny of the world community and the unexpected event or futuristic technological development that is happening.

June 17:  Neptune in Pisces is sextile exactly to the asteroid Juno in Capricorn. Juno represents a committed partnership—which could be a marriage, business partnership or some other long-term partnership. The angle represents a positive opportunity to take into account Neptunian or Piscean aspects of compassion, sensitivity or imagination and possibly a blind faith to have a positive outcome within a partnership.  Juno in Capricorn also represents commitment to a hard working partnership, with a sense of responsibility and obligation, which could come from a sense of compassion or caregiving. It could also mean being committed to taking responsibility in a situation that is unclear, where something is hidden or unknown.  This could be related to government issues, since Juno is so close to Pluto, which is the government, the one in power, the boss. 

The moon in Aries is square to Mars in Cancer.  This is a very strong aspect, since each are in the sign ruled by the other.  The Moon and Cancer represent feelings and emotions, the home, the family and the mother.  Mars and Aries represent energy, power, action, war, passion or sex. At the challenging angle of a square, there could be hostile emotions related to family issues, home situations, and fires are possible in the home.  Passionate feelings are likely and will be challenging us to be mindful of family, home, war, or even almost uncontrollable sexual urges. 

June 18:  The challenge of a grand cross covers the sky, for at least part of the day, since the moon in Aries, moving quickly, is exactly square to Pluto and opposed to Jupiter.  It is also square to Mars in Cancer, which is square to Jupiter.  Moon and Mars, still in a challenging angle as they were yesterday.  Combine that with Jupiter square to Mars and opposite the Moon—and things are expanded, challenging partnerships, justice, and harmony related to communication or news and strong feelings.  Add to that mix Pluto in Capricorn, and it brings in authority figures, the government, business or the boss, OR to a drastic change taking place regarding work, responsibility, or a serious situation.  The combined energies of this cross means challenges in all these areas, and hindrances to be overcome.  Feelings will be very strong and growing stronger in an effort to seek justice, harmony or partnership.  Changes taking place with power figures will be part of the emotional and passionate response.

Two triangles of potential are formed that include Venus in Taurus and Neptune in PiscesOne includes Venus, Neptune and Juno/Pluto in Capricorn.  The other is Neptune, Venus and Mars in Cancer. These could represent the saving grace, because they bring a lot of opportunity and positive connections between a strong effort to maintain harmony, love or happiness through Venus in Taurus, connected to compassionate (or blind or fantasy-focused) Neptune in Pisces.   Neptune connected positively to Venus can be a “love is blind” connection, or a fantasy-driven happy situation—possibly not realistic, but those who experience it are none the worse for wear (meaning, it doesn’t really matter to those involved). Neptune and Venus could also relate to lack of clarity in financial situations but there is an opportunity for positive aspects of Neptune, such as creative or imaginative financing, or a positive spiritual experience, or loving kindness meditation having a positive outcome.  The further connection to Mars in Cancer brings action to demonstrating feelings, or energy to the home or family members. However, the Neptune, Venus, Mars triangle puts Venus in the middle, and a positive connection between Mars and Venus (and with the added factor of Venus being in Taurus) there is passion and drive to find or show love, or to make money (in creative ways with Neptune), or to have a transcendent sexual experience that brings the opportunity for comforting, stable and secure love and harmony. 

With the connection to Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune is in the middle of the opportunity.  Neptune can be dreams or fantasies, imaginative creation and being connected to Pluto in Capricorn means that these ideas can be approved and made real either as the result of a drastic change in work or responsibility, or based on workings of the government or economic realities.  And with Venus very positively connected to Pluto in Taurus, these two earth signs connect the opportunity of authority or change to make dreams or imagination real, and for Venus to bring a secure income or harmonious experience from this. 

Of course Neptune can be going into something blindly, but Pluto in Capricorn limits and tests that aspect and brings things into a practical, responsible reality, and brings the opportunity for the lack of clarity to be clarified. 

The addition of Juno in Capricorn brings in the element of a committed partnership, likely a business or political partnership, making these positive opportunities possible.

June 19:  The moon enters Taurus today bringing more security and stability to emotions and feelings for a day or two.  There could be feelings of determination, and even stubborn feelings coming to the surface, as well.  But more grounded feelings than in the past week.    

The sun and Mercury are close and will be exactly conjunct at the end of Gemini tomorrow.  In today’s sky, they are at a 60°angle to unpredictable, futuristic Uranus in Aries.  It is quite likely that there will be news and discussion about an unexpectedly positive event – either futuristic or related to a unique new technology, possibly even connected to transportation, as Mercury rules transportation as well as short-distance travel.  It could relate to cars, trains, airplanes, or even drones that will be newly designed for future uses.  Possibly communication devices like phones, computer technology, or some kind of internet development.  There is a connection to Saturn in Sagittarius, which brings this to a practical reality—makes it possible, and in Sag can be a worldwide or expansive thing.

June 20:   The Sun and Mercury are conjunct at 29° of Gemini, which means change is coming to the focus from communication, socializing, meetings and news reports to a focus and communication about home, family, emotional issues and a need for security and comfort as these two planets join Mars in the sign of Cancer.  Mars brings action and energy to those concerns, the sun brings a focus to them, and mercury brings ideas, discussions, and communication or news about those issues.  The sun and mercury are still in the positive angle of opportunity to Uranus in Aries as they were yesterday, continuing the possibility of news and talks about transportation or futuristic internet or communication devices being developed or introduced.

Today Venus in Taurus is exactly sextile (60° from) Neptune in Pisces, and still in the triangle of potential to Pluto.  However, today’s exact angle strengthens the energy of those positive possibilities as discussed in the June 18th forecast.  This exact sextile forms a YOD to Jupiter in Libra which means that some discomfort in relation to partnership, justice or fairness would be a focus of the day, and the sextile between Venus and Neptune (a highly positive connection since Neptune is the higher octave of Venus when it comes to love, creativity, the arts –such as film, photography or music) would be part of the solution to relieving the discomfort that would result from this configuration.  Other astrologers say that the point opposite the apex of the Yod, meaning the point opposite Jupiter, would be the solution. That point is Uranus in Aries, and could relate to this creative technology that is connected  positively to the focus of attention, discussion and news.  Some kind of creation, kindness, artistic venture, or new technology could bring a positive outcome to a partnership or a need for justice or harmony. 

A T-square is being formed by an opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (though it is not yet exact), and Jupiter in Libra being square to each of those planets.  There could be challenges and hindrances regarding family members.

June 22: The moon in Gemini is square (90° away from) Neptune in Pisces.   This is a challenging aspect that connects feelings being communicated that may be misunderstood because of confusion or lack of clarity.  It could also mean that there is a feeling or emotional response to something in the media being seen as imaginary, fantasy, or psychologically motivated.  This situation could result in hurdles to be overcome or challenges to a situation, possibly an uncomfortable situation related to justice, partnerships, or balance because Neptune is quincunx (at an awkward, uncomfortable angle) to Jupiter in Libra. 

June 23:  Along with the new moon in Cancer, the big focus today is on feelings, a desire for comfort, connection to home and family, and what affects us personally.  Mars, Mercury, the sun and the moon are all in Cancer, creating a strong energy with a desire for security and need for nurturance.  Mars in Cancer relates to a sense of being defensive, sensitive to how things make us feel and then feeling it in a strong way or with a quick response. Mercury in Cancer takes us from Gemini’s quantity of information to a place where we want quality information, and we want to know how this will affect us personally. The news or what is being discussed could bring up a lot of emotional issues or strong feelings, especially in such close proximity to Mars. 

The new moon (sun and moon) is at home in Cancer and brings a need for quiet and safety, maybe doing things around the house, as well as craving connection with others.  The new moon in Cancer happens every year and it is a good time for family gatherings, decorating, staycations which could bring a sense of healing and nurturing.  The sun and moon are conjunct Mercury, which can mean it is a good time to communicate, there is a need to talk about something or tell something, and there is a lot of talk going on.  There could be a lot of thinking, curiosity, learning, and telling about something.   The sun can represent the self, and it could represent a need for self-expression, possibly related to family issues or home.  The moon connecting with mercury means talking about emotional issues or feelings.  Possibly feeling a need to vent, or to talk to a therapist or good friend about an issue that is upsetting or exciting to you.  This could start a new trend or open up doors to a new way of communicating about feelings.

June 24: The moon and mars are conjunct in Cancer and are forming a T-square with Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.   Moon and Mars together are the expression of strong feelings, an almost “I can’t help but tell you how I feel,” kind of aspect, and in the highly emotional sign of Cancer, where the moon lives, the emotions are running wild and coming out.  Not likely that feelings will be held in with this configuration.  Pluto in Capricorn could mean that the opposition to the authority figure may bring out the need to vent, or complain, or shout at someone in authority, or about something that authority figure or boss has done or said.   With Mercury not far away, there will be lots of talk, communication, news related to emotional responses, or to the need for stability, security, and comfort, possibly from a family member.

Jupiter in the mix relates to justice and harmony or love/business partnerships, which will be challenged by the emotional anger or fights. The sense of justice and fairness will also be challenged based on either drastic changes related to work or responsibility or to those in power.  It could also be a death or some kind of destruction that challenges issues of justice or partnership, that is causing a negative expression of feelings and emotions.

The moon and mars are also at a highly positive angle to Neptune in Pisces. This could bring in a spiritual perspective or compassion outpouring that is positively related to the emotional reactions.  Neptune could also represent something creative or artistic—such as a song, or film, or a concert or art project that is connected to the strong moon/mars emotions.  This could be shared on social media with mercury so close by, or it could be reported in the news, and discussed with family members.

This stellium in Cancer means there is a lot of energy and focus on emotions, what we consider to be our home and family and what could be a response to how they are being treated (unfairly), by an authority figure.

Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are trine.  This is highly positive for the authority figure or for drastic changes taking place.   Venus is happiness, love and prosperity and in Aries, it is empowered with energy and drive. Connected to Pluto it is empowered by a person, circumstances or changes taking place in the workplace, business industry or government.

June 25:  Moon enters Leo, bringing out emotions connected to children, love, fun, gambling.  The moon is square to Uranus in Aries.  The feelings could be related to events that occur unexpectedly.                                     

There are continued effects of Venus trine Pluto and Mars square Jupiter in Libra.

June 26:  Today’s aspects are very positive for love, flirtation, passion, sexuality, children, home and family.  Thinking of adding a little one to the family?  Moving in together? Taking things to the next level?  The following aspects seem to bode well for that.

The moon in Leo is at a highly positive degree to Black Moon Lilith—emotions and feelings may be related to flirting and sexuality, putting oneself out there for the world to see and as a female feeling powerful and confident, as well as attractive to the opposite sex.  The moon brings a nurturing comfort in experiences with love, flirtation and children. Very highly positive aspect. 

Mars in Cancer is exactly trine to Neptune in Pisces.  Not only does this bring action based on emotions or caring for home, family, parents, but it may add a high level of spiritual focus, or creativity.  This gives me a sense again of creation (Neptune), passion or sex (Mars) and home and family (Cancer) with a highly positive outcome. 

Venus in Taurus is love, nurturing and security.  Feeling comfortable, happy and in love.  With the highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn, it can bring in drastic change in responsibility, hard work, and being grounded.  It could be highly positive for prosperity in business or through taking charge of a project.  Hard work can result in prosperity, acquiring possessions, or bringing harmony and love to your surroundings.  Also growing and nurturing can result from drastic change in responsibility or work.

In addition to the highly positive connection between Mars and Neptune, there is a YOD in the sky formed by a sextile (60 ° angle) between the moon in Leo and Jupiter in Libra with each being quincunx to Neptune in Pisces.  The Yod is the “finger of God” pointing to compassionate, creative and intuitive/spiritual Neptune.  There is an awkwardness between the emotional flirty moon and Neptune as well as a discomfort between Jupiter’s expansion of relationship and partnership to Neptune.  Imagine that there is a situation in which emotions run high, flirtation is happening in a big way, and it is bringing an opportunity to grow a partnership or relationship into something more, or to expand the partnership by bringing in a new member (a baby, perhaps, or just taking it to the next level), and there is a sense of discomfort connected to the creative, spiritual Neptune.  Perhaps something is not clear or understood.  Maybe it feels as if it has only been a dream up to this point.  An adjustment must be made through the sextile – or opportunity that, if taken, will bring the partnership up to a higher level, to grow into a newer relationship. And it will be a positive thing.  Astrologers also contend that in looking at the sign directly opposite where the finger of God is pointing – which here is Virgo –the solution to the discomfort can be found.  Virgo asks us to be attentive to the details, to get things in order, including health and nutrition and being in service to others.

June 27: Today the moon is at 29 °of Leo, on the fixed star Regulus.  This is the point where the August 21 solar eclipse will take place, and it is also the president’s Ascendant point, so this will affect his emotions and feelings, and because it is so close to the North Node, the destiny of the collective population could be feeling emotional as well.  These are both connected to a highly positive grand fire trine that has been ongoing with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.  The moon joining this mix brings an emotional component into the mix, possibly relating to home and family members. (could the president be feeling or showing emotions related to a family member (and possibly children, since Leo represents children) here that will affect the destiny of the collective population?)

The moon is also widely square to Venus in Taurus, meaning that emotions for family and what/who we love is challenging our comfort, security, stability and harmony related to love and happiness. 

A continued T-square made up of Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn adds Mercury to the mix and this relates to wanting to take action based on feelings related to family, home, challenging partnerships, or justice and harmony in opposition to those in power or to drastic change taking place.  Mercury brings in communication—either social media, discussions, or news reports about the actions being planned or happening in order to overcome the hurdles in this configuration. An example would be issues related to challenges to what is just, related to partnership issues, or family situations and cause feelings that inspire action or response in an argument, on social media or in a news report.  These issues may well be connected to changes happening related to government, authority, business or power plays.  On a personal level there can be angry discussions or arguments happening within a family or home situation, possibly related to or with parents, which challenge growth of a relationship or a sense of harmony in a big way.

June 28: The moon in Virgo is directly opposite to Neptune in Pisces.  This kind of configuration, with one planet in an earth sign connected to Neptune, often relates to a dream or fantasy becoming reality—whether it is a hope or wish, a creative idea such as writing music, making a film or constructing a 3-Dimensional creation—and with Virgo in the mix, there is a need to be attentive to detail, to make sure everything is in order, and to plan well. 

Mercury and Mars are exactly conjunct in Cancer.  This will mean strong feelings being communicated.  Mercury and Mars are opposite Pluto, and in that configuration can be power struggles, fights, battles and in Cancer, there will be an intense desire for security and stability as well as possible strong action related to home and family.    Mercury relates not only to communication, but to travel, as well.  There could be an accident related to travel that brings up emotional responses and could bring drastic changes or bring difficulties to those in authority (police, firefighters, government) and with Pluto, there is always a possibility of death or threats.

June 29:  Mercury in Cancer is in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, with Mars still close by. The exact degree adds strength to this configuration, and continues the likelihood of what was happening in yesterday’s sky with challenges, accidents, fights, or threats. 

The moon in Virgo is square to Saturn in Sagittarius, and the moon is quincunx to Uranus in Aries, while Saturn is trine to Uranus and exactly trine to dwarf planet Eris.  What energy does this bring?  Moon in Virgo brings emotions, comfort in details and order, but that is challenged by strict Saturn, which can limit, delay or block something. In Sagittarius it could be a legal decision, an educational matter, or something related to an international or philosophical perspective.  The moon’s connection to unpredictable Uranus in high energy or volatile Aries brings discomfort because the need for order, structure, and predictability—possibly to the level of OCD—that Virgo brings is definitely upset by the surprises and out-of-the-ordinary aspects Uranus brings, and with Aries, it could be explosive or high-energy, moving quickly.  Moon in Virgo won’t have time to process the details and make sense of what is happening unless an adjustment is made to that configuration.  However, Saturn’s highly positive angle to Uranus saves the day by reining it in and putting on the brakes for its quick unfolding.  Saturn is also at an exact angle to disruptive Eris, close to Uranus, so Saturn is the protector here, though it may be related to distress from the moon in Virgo related to the surprise activity, Saturn brings in a sense of responsibility and grounding.

June 30:   Today, the moon in Libra is square to the Sun in Cancer. This challenging angle brings out a lot of emotions, with the sun’s focus on Cancer’s tendency to show feelings, to desire comfort, familiarity, security and stability.  It is challenged by emotions related to partnership, relationships, or justice and balance.  It is likely that something happening related to what is fair and just in a partnership is bringing out emotions that are challenging the sense of security and comfort, possibly related to family, home or parents.  A need for feeling at home and comfortable, but something regarding a relationship or a sense of fairness is making that difficult. 

We still have Mars and Mercury in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra and opposing Pluto in Capricorn forming a T-square.  Hostile feelings combined with challenges to justice, harmony, partnership, and at a tense angle to powers that be, or drastic changes taking place. Mars and Pluto are closer to an exact angle of opposition, which can cause power struggles, fights against dominance, and with Cancer involved, there will be strong emotional connections to this, and either verbal, mediated or reported aspects to what is going on.