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Monthly Astrology

Astrology for the month ahead — February 2017: The Leo-Aquarius eclipses begin and Pisces Virgo Eclipses End

By Dr. Diane, the Hungarian Aquarian


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February 1:  The moon in Aries is at a harmonious angle of opportunity to the sun in Aquarius as we start the month.  When the moon is in Aries, there could be passionate, fiery emotions that come up and with the sun in Aquarius, there could be a focus on humanitarian issues, things related to the greater good of all, or it could be unusual things going on, future-focused, technology related, or just plain strange things that are unexpected.  And there is a chance that emotions related to that Aquarius focus could get a bit riled up if we let them.  It is an opportunity to respond or not. 

Mercury in Capricorn is at a challenging angle to Uranus in Aries, which opens the door for revolutionary clashes based on communications and news from old school, traditional institutions, people, bosses, work places.  Uranus in Aries is unpredictable and out-of-the-ordinary fiery events, with dwarf planet Eris right next to Uranus—which can bring sudden upheaval. All of that combativeness, however, normally has the purpose of bringing growth and improvement to a situation. 

Mercury is at a positive angle of opportunity to Chiron in Pisces. Some practical thinking or discussion, possibly news again from these traditional institutions is possible in response to a need for healing sensitive issues, or may address some painful injuries that have resulted in regard to something sensitive.  There may be discussion of a need for taking responsibility and working hard in regard to hurtful events, or health issues.

Jupiter in Libra continues to be at a harmonious angle of opportunity to Saturn.  This has been going on for a few months now, and it brings opportunities to make something happen in regard to building important partnerships and relationships, major issues that relate to justice or friendships, harmony and balance.  It won’t just happen, though.  We have to take action to make it happen.

February 2:   This looks like it’s going to be a tough day. Venus is at 29 degrees of Pisces today.  Venus is love, harmony, prosperity, women, what we own, beauty and art.  The end point of a sign means it is the ending of events in life, and when it is 29 degrees of Pisces, it can signal a permanent ending as Venus prepares to move into fiery Aries.  It could mean the end of harmony and balance and moving into a passionate, fiery, or combative time related to Venus issues—love, harmony, women, what we own, beauty, art and prosperity.

The moon, which travels through a sign in about 2 to 2 ½ days, will pass 29 degrees of Aries today—at the end of the general feelings from passionate or angry to more down-to-earth, security based, and a mood of feeling safe and secure. 

Venus in Pisces is at a highly positive angle to Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio—the asteroid of sexuality and feminine power.  Venus’ placement, as discussed above, with the ending of sensitivity to love, women, what we own,  and harmony—to becoming more about passion, energy, and possible fighting over these issues—in this aspect with BML, I think, connects with the feminine power, women feeling their power and getting more assertive and fighting for themselves, for what they have, and for harmony and love.  And not just women, but men fighting for women’s power with passionate energy.  Scorpio, where BML sits, is a sign of things that run deep, and taking charge. Both Scorpio and Pisces are related not only to feelings and emotions but also to the spiritual, the intuitive, the psychic side, and the underworld (Scorpio).  BML in Scorpio—feminine power over the underworld, feminine power over sexuality, and taking charge of sex and what is hidden. 

Mercury in Capricorn will be at a challenging angle to Jupiter in Libra.  Mercury may relate to news, communications, or thinking that has to do with being responsible, the practical side of things and work issues (Capricorn) OR news from or about traditional perspectives that will be challenging in a big way to justice and harmony, relationships and partnerships. And there will be enormous challenges to the communications and news that relate not only to justice and harmony, but that involve higher legal, philosophical and scholarly perspectives.

February 3:  Venus goes into Aries – the fight for harmony, women, love and peace begins here.

February 4:  The moon in Taurus is at a very harmonious angle to Pluto in Capricorn.  Feelings related to comfort, security, not wanting things to change will relate extremely positively to the responsibilities and practicalities of government, authority, and big business.  It is possible that bosses or CEOs, other authority figures in government and in life will show signs of practicality and responsibility that are comforting to feelings of security and stability.

The moon is also at a harmonious angle of opportunity to Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune can be spiritual and imaginative—relate to fantasy and creativity.  It can also represent a lack of clarity or confusion.  The moon’s placement in Taurus can mean that there will be comfort in safety and security, in what we have and what is ours, that brings an opportunity related to issues of confusion and lack of clarity or things that are fantasies.  This is an opportunity that can be acted on or not.

February 6: Jupiter goes retrograde today, meaning that it will be a time of major important review of things that relate to partnerships, harmony, justice, and fairness.  Not a time to establish new permanent partnerships/relationships or legal decisions, but to take a good hard look at what has been happening over the past few weeks, and returning to those issues and rethinking them, and possibly finding a way to make things better and focus on them in a bigger way after Jupiter goes direct in early June.

The moon is in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius.  Feelings can be two-sided, or there can be comfort in communication with social groups or with going out and socializing and that could possibly hinder a sense of responsibility to Sagittarius’ higher-level activities connected to spiritual, educational or philosophical, cultural issues OR, it could mean that comfort in social events could BE HINDERED by limitations or restrictions coming from those Sagittarius activities. 

February 7:  The moon is in its home – the sign of Cancer—and it is at a highly positive angle to Neptune in Pisces.  Moon in Cancer can relate to being at home, being comfortable—it can relate to the mother and nurturing.  With the highly positive connection with Neptune, there are themes of sensitive, intuitive, creative and spiritual work going on to bring on that comfort.  It would be a great time to have a meditative connection that focuses on one’s home.  The U.S. was “born” in the sign of Cancer, and if we think of our home country as being a place of comfort and nurturance, then Neptune—the water, the highest spiritual connection, boundless imagination and possibilities—can bring positive effects to that comfort at home.

The moon is also opposed to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents the power, the authority, the government and big business in down-to-earth Capricorn. Pluto also represents the underworld, remember. It can be causing discomfort in the place we call home--that comfort at home can be hindered by these powers-that-be, but the Neptune spiritual and intuitive focus can bring the comfort to the home.  (When they go low, we go high). Bring the spiritual into the mix.

Mercury enters Aquarius—communication that takes place in unique ways, new ways, unusual communication, unusual news.  News that is crazy!  Or news about technology.  Communications that are more focused on the good of the people, the good of humanity. That’s where thoughts and discussions will be focused at the moment. a

February 8:   A grand cross in the sky—many challenges in many different areas that affect the moon in cancer, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  A quick look at those relate to comfort in our home, unexpected surprise passionate or volatile changes, a big focus on justice, harmony, balance and partnership, and some connection to traditions, responsibility, the government, big business, the authority. 

Mercury in Aquarius is at a harmonious angle of opportunity to Venus in Aries.  The unique, communications, thoughts—possibly internet connections, or unusual news will relate to the fight or energy focused on strong feelings about balance, women, what is ours, and love. 

February 9:  Mars in Aries is at a highly positive angle to the moon in Leo.  Mars in Aries is a highly passionate, energetic or combative energy.  Positive feelings related to children, or fun, gambling or risk will result from this strong energy.  Possibly competition or combat result in good feelings related to having taken a risk, or doing something creatively, and could be related to children or lovers.  The president’s ascendant is in Leo, so he could be feeling strong emotions at this time.

February 10:  This is a big day with lots of powerful aspects.   A highly positive Grand Trine featuring Uranus, the moon, and Saturn. A Yod (Finger of God) is pointing to Chiron connected to the moon and Jupiter in a positive angle of opportunity, helping us to move toward healing.   The eclipse – full moon in Leo - with the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo at 22°28’.  There are those who believe that 22° of any sign is negative, especially in fixed signs like Leo and Aquarius.  Full moons bring something to an end, depending upon the houses that the sun and moon fall into and the other planets that connect to it.  An eclipse brings much more power to the full moon. We move forward more quickly.  Jupiter in Libra is positively connected to this eclipse. It is at an extremely positive angle to the sun in Aquarius—a focus on the good of humanity, the future and unique, unusual ideas and activities.  Jupiter is at a positive angle of opportunity to the moon in Leo.  Again, Jupiter in Libra is about a big, beneficial focus on justice, harmony, partnerships and relationships.  There is the opportunity for that focus to provide comfort in taking risks, being creative, and the feelings related to what and who we love.  Jupiter’s highly positive connection to the sun in Aquarius can mean that the big focus on justice  and harmony (Jupiter) results in or from a focus on the future good of humanity and  a focus on the internet and unique ways of doing things.  Despite the focus on highlighting humanity and the internet and comfort in what we love, the 22° angles could mean these things being highlighted could be in relation to something negative.

Uranus in Aries is similarly positioned in relation to the eclipse, however in opposition to Jupiter it means that there is a highly positive angle between Uranus and the moon.  This could result in surprise upheaval, or unexpected changes based on passionate expression, possibly combativeness or competition, connected in a positive way to feelings and finding comfort in what we love, what is fun as well as from children and lovers.  Also related to foreign culture, higher education and high-level legal and philosophical issues.  Uranus will be at a positive angle of opportunity to the sun in Aquarius.  This will offer a chance to change something unexpectedly, and possibly through technology or relating to human rights or the good of society that will be a big focus and possibly be in negative focus at the time.  But it is an opportunity that can be acted on or not to make this change. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is also in a highly positive angle to the full moon.  It offers the chance to make something real, build something that is based on high-level legal, philosophical, scholarly or cultural understandings that bring comfort and good feelings about what we love.  Saturn is also at a positive angle of opportunity to make something happen in a realistic and high-level manner that is positive for the greater good of humanity, and is a positive opportunity related to technology, the internet, or something unexpected that has come about or could develop.

Venus in Aries is exactly connected to Mercury in Aquarius in a positive angle of opportunity.  This passionate (Aries) expression of love, harmony, and issues related to women, art, and beauty provide an opportunity for communication in unique ways, on the internet, or communication related to the good of society.  There will be an opportunity to communicate online or about something related to what is good for the benefit of humanity based on the passionate feelings about love, harmony, and women’s issues, art and beauty.  In the world, this could relate to a number of issues that have been sensitive up until now—such as issues related to women’s rights, or funding of the arts and the beauty of the parks, the harmony and peace within the country—that there could be a passion to fight for those things that will lead to communications and possibly agreements that are unique or unusual (like the rogue Twitter feeds, and alternative social media for these organizations). 

February 11:   Today there is a Yod—an unusual aspect that is also called the Finger of God—and it is pointing to the Moon in Virgo and connecting Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Aries to the moon.  There may be a level of discomfort that comes about from some kind of unusual or unexpected communication and discomfort based on passionate feelings related to harmony, women, beauty, art, or love.  They relate to our feelings about being organized and having things in order, service to others, the little details, the environment and health issues.  The way to resolve this is to look back to Aquarius and what Aquarius means.  It is about focusing on the good of all, the connection that is future- or technology-oriented.  It seems that technology, the internet, and the collective, working together in relation to these issues in unusual, unexpected ways, is the answer to a lot of what is happening this month.

February 12: Today could bring better feelings and better news.  Jupiter in Libra is at a highly positive angle to the Sun in Aquarius.  More focus on the unique and out-of-the-ordinariness that will be very positively connected in a big way to having beneficial justice and harmony, partnerships and positive relationships.  This bodes well for justice and legal support for the good of the collective for unique, unusual events and possibly happening in unexpected, or new ways.  

The moon in Virgo is at a highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn.  Again, feelings of comfort about service to others, the environment, health and the little details in these regards.  About putting things in order—these feelings will have a positive energy flow to authority figures, those in charge, the government, big business, bosses, experts, those in power—whoever they may ultimately be.  

February 13:  The sun in Aquarius is exactly at a positive angle of opportunity to Saturn in Sagittarius.  The same energy that there was on the day of the full moon eclipse between the sun and Saturn, but this time without the energy of the moon.  So the possibility of building something, making something a reality that is connected to foreign cultures, high-level legal, philosophical, scholarly matters as a result of focusing on what is good for the collective, what is future-oriented, and what is a unique perspective or way of approaching things.  This could relate to our social issues now, or in a personal way could relate to bringing the idea of travel, education, a lawsuit, a spiritual belief into our reality in a new, unique way, or through working toward what’s good for the group, or through connecting online.  Possibly starting an online course or travel business, watching a video or joining an online group.

February 14:  The moon is in Libra opposite Mars in Aries today, which could bring violent or combative hindrances to feelings related to harmony, justice, and partnership.  Or it could bring highly passionate energy to matters of how one feels about being fair in relationships, friendships and a balanced perspective that could cause some opposition.

The moon in Libra will also be at a highly positive angle to mercury in Aquarius—so there could be talk online or unusual, surprise news that is very positive in relation to feelings about fairness, justice, and partnerships.  Perhaps the passionate energy or combative hostility about these issues will lead to very positive agreements or communication that is related to either the future or to technology, or is for the good of the people.

Jupiter in Libra is at an awkward angle to Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron in Pisces can be about illness, pain, or injury, or it can be related to health concerns, healthcare, health providers.  At this awkward angle this means that it is important that in order for there to be fairness and partnership related to these health or sickness matters, there need to be adjustments made or there will be uncomfortable issues surrounding these matters, and it will be a big deal.

February 15:  The moon in Libra is at a highly positive angle to the sun in Aquarius—which brings the idea that these issues of justice, partnership, balance and harmony will have a positive connection to what is good for the collective, or to an unusual or unexpected issue, possibly an online/internet activity.

Today and tomorrow Mercury in Aquarius is at a positive angle of opportunity to Mars in Aries, which could relate to the above aspect between the moon and sun.  Mercury in Aquarius would relate to communication with technology or in an unusual way, communication that is about what is good for the group which comes about in response to some highly passionate issues that come up.  There are good opportunities for communicating online or in unusual, unexpected ways –OR for the chance for unexpected or online news related to a highly passionate issues that are being fought for or fought over.

February 18: The sun moves into Pisces.  Focus shifts to more sensitive, creative, spiritual perspectives. 

February 19: The moon is the major player today.  In Sagittarius, it will be at a highly positive angle to Mars in Aries.  Feelings related to, and taking comfort in higher-level ideals and foreign cultures connect in a highly positive way to the energy and passion that is in the air—possibly feeling more comfortable about high-level legal and scholarly issues and philosophical perspectives.

The moon is also at a highly positive angle to Venus in Aries today.  Venus in Aries relates to issues of harmony, art, beauty, women, and love and passionate feelings about them and deep passion based on love for something.  So the moon in Sagittarius can relate to feelings and comfort related to foreign travel or cultures, philosophical or scholarly ideas, spirituality and law at a high level having a positive connection to feelings about harmony, beauty, art, etc.  It is very possible that a legal issue, or spiritual/scholarly players, foreign cultures/travel will be involved in something related to the passionate feelings about love, beauty or harmony.  On a personal level, there could be a romantic trip or an educational artistic adventure.

The moon is also at a challenging angle to Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune is at home in Pisces, it rules that sign.  So it is a strong energy of imagination, spirituality, intuition, and creativity or possible issues of confusion and lack of clarity.  There can be problems related to feelings about higher legal or philosophical ideas or to feelings about foreign cultures/travel because of a lack of clarity, confusion, possibly fantasy issues—things that are not real, but rather imaginary (alternative facts).

February 20: Mercury in Aquarius is at a positive angle of opportunity to Uranus in Aries.  This is a very beneficial opportunity for technology and communication to be used in a unique way, that could be strongly felt, surprising and could benefit the whole society.  This is not a given—it is something that can be very positive only if it is acted on.  Mercury is communication and technology, as well as local travel, and Uranus is the higher octave of that—futuristic technology and communication, surprises, unexpected activity and ideas.  In Aries, it could be related to an upheaval, a rebellion, an attack.

The moon will meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius, which brings up feelings and comfort from working to make something a reality, creating a plan related to travel, foreign cultures, higher education, legal issues, philosophies and possibly publishing.  Comfort in taking responsibility or responsible actions regarding the law, foreign affairs, higher education, and ethical beliefs.

February 21:  Mars in Aries is at a challenging angle to Pluto in Capricorn.  This could result in a strong protest or passionate response to something coming from an authority figure, the government, big business, a boss.  It could be a dramatic change that causes a violent reaction.  (Surprise?)  It could bring on anger, attacks, protests, that are challenging for both sides. 

The silver lining here is that Mercury in Aquarius is at a highly positive angle to Jupiter in Libra, which at one point in the day forms a triangle of potential to the moon in Sagittarius. The mercury/Jupiter connection means that communication in unusual or forward-thinking ways ,or online connections that may be for the good of the collective are very positively related to beneficial energy for harmony, for justice, balance and relationships.  It could be unexpected news that is related to this positive harmony.  Their connection to the moon means that this harmony and the news have a chance of bringing comfort and positive feelings related to foreign issues, legal matters, scholarly and philosophical issues. But since that connection is a triangle of potential, it is not an automatic connection, but rather one that is possible if action is taken to make it happen.

February 22:  A possibly tough and challenging day ahead. More moon/feelings issues, but this time, it is challenging to and challenged by possible attacks, upheaval, strong feelings and arguments or energy toward unpredictable activities that affect feelings or comfort in terms of foreign cultures, legal issues and shifts to feelings related to responsibility and what is practical. The moon will connect to Pluto in Capricorn, bringing in feelings about the government or the authority. 

February 23:  Mercury in Aquarius begins to get closer to an exact angle of possibility with Saturn in Sagittarius.  People may begin thinking about, communicating online, or there may be some unexpected, surprise news developing related to legal issues, education, or foreign cultures or publications.  What is for the higher good, and how to make it a reality, how to structure a plan or strategy.  Discussions about this may be new, outside the box, unusual and possibly focused on the greater good for all. 

February 25:  Mercury in Aquarius connects at an exact angle today with Saturn in Sagittarius, so yesterday’s activities and focus continue today, and it could be met with a volatile response, because Mars connects to Uranus in Aries—a recipe for a big, unpredictable blow-up, fight, protest, angry reaction.  In addition, the moon connects with Mercury in Aquarius, which means feelings and comfort will be affected by this unexpected news or this online communication that affects the greater society.

February 26: Another eclipse, this time a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces that connects to Mercury.  A new moon eclipse brings long-term change, and a new moon opens up a new phase, a new way of doing things.  In Pisces, there could be sensitive issues coming up, a lack of clarity, some confusion.  Possible spiritual or creative, imaginative perspectives, that could relate to a new way of communicating, or sensitive, imaginative (fake?) news.    Mars and Uranus are still aligned in Aries, so there is going to be lots of energy, strong, angry, unpredictable upheaval, OR a hugely passionate response, as one would get with a huge win or a major victory.  Either way, the energy is on fire and could bring in some surprise reactions. 

February 27:  The connection between Mars and Uranus continues, but now Jupiter gets in on it.  A huge and beneficial focus related to the passionate upheaval that relates to justice, fairness, harmony and relationships with others.  Jupiter expands the effects of it all, so things could come to a head, and relate to justice or a balanced perspective based on harmonious relationships. With Jupiter opposite Aries, there could be hindrances to the benefits.  Jupiter is also retrograde, going back over an issue of what is fair and good for relationships that may have come up in the past few weeks. It is also at the 22°angle, which could symbolize negativity regarding harmony and justice.

The moon is moving through Pisces and will connect with Neptune and Chiron.  Neptune has a number of ways that it can manifest, and it will be affecting the feelings and comfort level as the moon goes by. Neptune could bring in a spiritual aspect, an intuitive/sensitive side of things that affects the mood in general.  Neptune can be confusion, blindness, drunken behavior, depression, or psychological issues that will affect feelings.  Chiron is hurt, pain, injury, health, healthcare, and healing.  When the moon catches up with Chiron, there could be painful feelings, or feelings related to health/healthcare concerns.  Or the feeling that we need to heal our sensitivities and compassion in order to feel comfortable.  The sun is also close to Neptune, and it brings a focus to the spiritual side or the psychological, possibly confusing issues as being an important part of the day’s focus.

February 28:  The sun is still close to Neptune and will be exact on March 1.  The focus is on Neptune and what Neptune relates to – confusion, depression, psychological concerns, fantasy, and a lack of clarity OR the spiritual/intuitive side.  Could be more than one of those.  Perhaps there is confusion about something that seems depressing, possibly based in fantasy, and unrealistic.  Or there could be dreams and imagination that things could take a sensitive perspective and the higher side of Neptune—the spiritual, compassionate side.   Mars and Uranus are still dancing together in Aries—there is still a lot of energy in unpredictable and unexpected feelings coming out.  The moon has moved into Aries and meets up with Venus—so there are passionate feelings related to strong aspects regarding women, harmony, what belongs to us, and there is a desire to find comfort or express feelings regarding the passion related to this.