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Monthly Astrology

Astrology for the month ahead — March 2017

By Dr. Diane, the Hungarian Aquarian


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March 1: The sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces with Mercury heading toward them, and is close enough to feel the influence. The sun represents what we are focused on and the self, and in Pisces there is a focus on being sensitive, intuitive, creative, and spiritual. It can mean a time to meditate, a time to be compassionate, time to turn to spiritual activities. Unfortunately, it could also mean confusion, or news, or a focus on things that are not really clear. Possibly news that is based on imaginary or made up facts, since Neptune rules fantasy and imagination.

Mars and Uranus are conjunct in Aries with the moon passing over this point, while they are also trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which is on the Galactic Center, a point of divine understanding. When Mars and the moon meet up, there are very passionate feelings. Mars in Aries strengthens the passion, which could also be expressed as anger, hostility, fighting. Uranus is right there with them, bringing change, surprise, something out of the ordinary, or even an aspect of technology. Eris, the disruptive element, is in there as well, and that brings the chance for sudden upheaval or possibly revolution which could ultimately bring some kind of growth. Jupiter is opposite Uranus exact, and Jupiter expands things. Being opposite Uranus could mean there is opposition to relationships and justice. There could be unexpected hostility, fighting, angry feelings that hinder the possibility for balance and Harmony, but Jupiter brings a beneficial vibe to it, so in spite of dissension, there could be a benefit from it all that results in fairness and justice.

Saturn in Sagittarius is at a challenging angle to Chiron in Pisces, and that could mean restrictions related to a foreign people, foreign cultures, travel, education, or legal issues, that can be harmful, hurtful to sensitivities and compassion or even related to health/medical issues. On a personal note it could be a time of strong feelings and taking action to make changes based on unexpected sudden upheaval. The Sun on Neptune is a really good connection to music, art, photography, film and psychology, if it is used as a way to be in service to others.

March 2:  Moon in Taurus is at an angle of opportunity to mercury, Neptune and to the sun in Pisces. This can mean that some calmness and stability, are possible by being sensitive or compassionate in what we say or write or through communicating by spiritual means, and from focusing on intuitive thoughts. In order for something to come from these energies, you need to take action or it is just out there with no necessary result. Jupiter and Uranus are exactly opposite each other today. Mars is still conjunct to Uranus today, though not exact, and the moon is out of that area, so feelings are more down-to-earth and focused on stability, comfort, status quo. But still Mars and Uranus can stir up passions that bring about changes or unexpected activity.

March 3:  The Moon in Taurus is at a positive angle of opportunity to Chiron and Pisces.  This could be an opportunity to do something related to feelings and comfort in stability and what we own, what is ours, and possibly our income, as it relates to health, compassion, being sensitive. Some action has to be taken to benefit from this.  It is also at a highly positive angle to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn can represent the government, big business, someone in authority, or drastic change. This angle between Pluto and the Moon is a very positive angle that means not a lot of work has to be done to benefit. Both being in Earth signs, Pluto and the Moon can influence things related to work, practical issues, being responsible, maintaining the status quo, affecting feelings of security and stability.  Quite possibly this could have something to do with issues that are being discussed around the country related to changes in the government and feelings of wanting to maintain the status quo, feelings of comfort related to stability and security. It is highly positive.

The North Node in Virgo is at a highly positive angle to Ceres in Taurus. Ceres represents food and nurturing especially in Taurus which is all about food, wine, comfort and enjoying the nicer things of life. The North Node in Virgo is the purpose that we should all be focused on, and that could relate to nutrition, health, service to others, and the small details. So there could be something very good happening related to healthy, nutritious food and nurturing of others. Perhaps this is in connection to what's been in the news about schools providing free lunches and this may be good news in that regard.

March 4:  The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune still meeting up in Pisces today. This could mean that there may be some confusing news or messages that could be misunderstood, unclear, or totally based on fantasy. It could also relate to messages or ideas that are based on spiritual, intuitive activities and feelings. There could be a lot of prayers going up and it is a good time to connect spiritually.  It can relate to a focus on discussions about psychology or psychological issues.  Neptune rules the creative arts, and his could also refer to a new piece of music or a new creative endeavor may be introduced or we’ll hear news about something musical or artistic.

An interesting focus that could be happening for the greater population is one that relates to feelings and feminine power. This is a T-square formed by the North Node in Virgo, the moon in Gemini, and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. Black Moon Lilith can represent feminine power (as well as raw sexuality), and in Sagittarius it would relate to legal issues, foreign countries, or education. The Moon relates to the feelings about this and it is in opposition to Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. So Gemini possibly represents two different things, or media, news, socializing. And both the moon and Black Moon Lilith are at challenging angles to the North Node in Virgo, which represents what all of us should be focused on at this time. That is service to others, health, and nutrition, as well as the details and getting organized.   There could be something about this related to women around the world and becoming organized around their health, nutrition and service related to women. March 8th is International Women's Day, so there could be something being planned in that regard. The T-square means that things are challenging in all those aspects of this focus. 

Venus goes retrograde today, and eventually returns to sensitive, compassionate Pisces, leaving passionate, hostile Aries.  Venus retrograde is often connected to old lovers coming back, or reviewing a love issue with someone, or even financial matters. Venus going from Aries to Pisces could mean, switching back from a hostile (or passionate) love relationship to a more laid back, spiritual or compassionate one.  Venus relates to creativity, art, women and beauty, and by the time it gets to Pisces again, there could be creations that are very pleasant, loving and beautiful.  Financial matters can go from hostile to compassionate and caring.  But remember, in April, Venus will head back toward Aries and bring back the passion AND the hostility to situations related to art, love, women, and financial issues.

March 5: The Sun and Moon are at a highly challenging angle to each other. And Mercury and Neptune could be connected to this as well. This tells me that a focus on communication that is either imaginary, confusing, or unclear could challenge feelings or comfort levels in social situations or in the news, possibly related to the media.

Mars in Aries is at an exact highly positive angle to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius can relate to restrictions related to laws, education, travel, foreign cultures. Mars in Aries relates to strong energy and passion, possibly even sudden upheaval. However, it is further away from Uranus but still close enough to be influenced.  Uranus is what brings on the surprise and unpredictable activity, so this could be very positive activities and energy related to the restrictions around those issues.   This doesn't necessarily mean it's positive for people, but it could make it easier to put restrictions in place in those areas. it also relates to building and structures and walls. It could make it easier for angry responses or hostile activity and energy in relation to those restrictions.

There is some energy connected between those two planets, Mars and Saturn and the North Node in Virgo. It could be a very positive thing that needs to happen, for the greater population to be focused on. It creates a Grand Trine in the sky, which is an exceptionally positive aspect for something to happen related to these things.

March 6: The moon enters cancer today, which is where the moon likes to be. It represents comfort, feelings, nurturing, or the mother. Before going into the sign of Cancer the Moon is directly opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. Feelings or comfort levels related to the media, news, communications, travel or social situations are in opposition to restrictions regarding legal matters education travel and foreign cultures. Saturn is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius today, which is the degree of the Galactic Center. That is an extremely important part of the sky and it transmits Divine consciousness, releases emotional wounds, and opens up subconscious mind in a way that can allow us to engage in new roles. 

The Sun and Pluto are at a positive angle of opportunity and will become more exact in two days. Pluto in Capricorn can represent the government, big business, the boss, the authority, and drastic change that is connected to being responsible, practical, and hard-working. The sun is in Pisces and the positive side of the Sun in Pisces would relate to spiritual, higher consciousness, creativity, music, art and psychology. There is a chance, if someone takes the initiative, to positively affect the Pluto energy-- the government, those in charge, the experts-- through some kind of spiritual activity, such as meditation or intention, or in some kind of creative musical or artistic way.

March 7:   The Sun and Pluto are still at this very positive angle and it is getting stronger, so it is still a good day to positively affect the boss or the authorities. Pluto can also mean drastic change related to work, practical issues, and responsibilities. And with the sun this positive angle, there is an opportunity to bring positive drastic change for practical things and things related to work from spiritual, intentional or creative means.

The Moon is at a highly positive angle to the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. The Moon is in Cancer, which relate to feelings and emotions and the mother. Mercury and the Sun in Pisces represent discussion about sensitive issues that engender compassion, spirituality, and imagination. These communications can have a very positive effect on feelings related to what is ours, motherhood, and the potential of taking the initiative to influence the authorities about taking responsibility in practical matters. It could also be that emotions related to motherhood and what is ours, and home/family issues, create a focus on taking initiative to communicate something creative, spiritual, or imaginative that can bring positive change related to work and responsibility.  Creative communication could affect actions by the government or authorities and result in more responsibility and practicality on their part. However, the Moon in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. So, that means that there is opposition between feelings and emotions about home, motherhood and family and how the government or boss defines responsibility and practicality. Feelings about the government or authority, or drastic change, could be the impetus for taking some kind of creative and spiritual action or to demonstrate compassion where it is needed. Although Neptune in there could bring a lack of clarity or confusion to communications or focus, the result is positive. It also could mean that the communication is done without planning it and just off-the-cuff and it has a positive effect on change or on the government, the boss or the authority.

March 8: Today is International Women’s Day, and Venus is in Aries at a very challenging angle to Pluto in Capricorn, which indicates a possibility of strong, assertive action related to women, art, financial matters, what belongs to us (our bodies, ourselves?)—possibly related to something that is being reviewed, or resurrected, that could meet with hurdles or result in conflict with government, authority or the boss. The strong actions taken could be aimed at making drastic change affecting issues of taking responsibility, or work/business, or practical matters.  Resistance and challenges to this action will be strong, but it is a hurdle that can be overcome, and the energy and power of Aries makes it feel urgent right now, and it could come up again in late May, possibly related to something new at that time.

Mars in Aries is at a highly positive angle to Saturn in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center.  Extremely positive results could come from taking strong action to pare down, to remove what is no longer necessary, to connect with Divine Wisdom and re-evaluate what is best.  A big push to make this happen right now. 

The sun is exactly sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which is a positive angle of possibility.  A creative or compassionate approach could positively affect issues around government or business responsibility. Practical matters may be handled out of compassion, or business/workplace issues could be approached with a positive sensitivity to others.  If one is inclined to take action, there is an opportunity to effect positive change.

March 9: Mercury in Pisces is at an awkward angle to Jupiter in Libra.  Mercury is news or communication that could seem confusing, fantasy-based (fake news? Alternative facts?) that will cause discomfort related to justice, harmony and fairness.  The news, or communication could be sensitive, or related to psychology, water, art, creative matters, and compassion for others. The awkward angle means an adjustment must be made if there is to be harmony or fairness. On a personal level, if an adjustment is not made, a personal relationship could experience discomfort regarding sensitive and psychological issues.  This combines the intellectual and the emotional.  There need to be adjustments made to achieve a level of intellectual and emotional harmony, though it may not be ideal.

March 10: Mars enters Taurus, calming things down to a less volatile and impulsive way of taking action and reverting to a more stable, secure and down-to-earth way of making things happen.  On a personal level, it can help with taking reasonable action and working to make changes in an evenhanded way.

Today the sun in Pisces is at the same awkward angle to Jupiter in Libra as Mercury was yesterday.  So there is still a focus on compassion, or related to the creative arts, or a psychological issue that is causing disharmony or discomfort around relationships or partnership issues, justice, fairness and balance. 

The moon in Leo will be at an extremely positive angle to Saturn in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center.  Emotions and feelings regarding children, investments, risk-taking, fun and creative endeavors can lead to very positive new insights that get rid of what is not working in those areas. It is highly possible to rebuild, or create a new way of making something happen that is divinely inspired, and the result of shaking off the dust and cleaning things up.

March 11:  The sun in Pisces is exactly quincunx (150°) from Jupiter in Libra.  This aspect means an adjustment has to be made between the two or there will be a discomfort in this connection.  Sun in Pisces refers to a focus on creativity, sensitivity, the arts, intuition, dreams and psychology, but can also represent confusion and lack of clarity.  Jupiter in Libra signifies important or multiple relationships and partnerships, beneficial events surrounding justice, fairness, and harmony—expansion of all of these things comes with Jupiter, or an expanded focus on them.  So something between these two aspects is not adding up well together.  Either the lack of clarity, the fantasy and confusion needs to be adjusted in order not to cause uncomfortable issues related to justice, harmony, partnership, and balance, OR the other way ‘round – a big focus on issues that Jupiter rules -- legal issues, education and foreigners or foreign cultures, or partnership (Libra)in those areas is causing discomfort in compassion and sensitivity, or in relation to creative arts and spirituality.  And today those issues come into exact alignment that showcases the need for adjustment.

March 12: The moon becomes full as it moves into Virgo  across from the sun and Chiron in Pisces.  Virgo represents service to others, health, the environment, nutrition, attention to details. The moon is shining a light on these things and with the strength of the sun shining its light on compassion, sensitivity, creativity, and caring for others. With Chiron in the mix, there is an extreme focus on a need to heal, healing and healthcare issues. Connecting with the moon, there is a focus on healing the environment, serving others through healing, healthcare, feeding the hungry, and doing it out of a sense of compassion and spirituality.

The full moon is at 22 degrees and is at an exact awkward angle to Uranus (and Eris) in Aries.  There could be some adjustment needed, or discomfort coming from surprise disruptions, outbursts, or arguments related to health, the environment, service to others, and the small details of those things. The way things are organized could cause unexpected reactions that demand that adjustments be made.  It brings flashes of insight to make us see things from a different point of view.

Pluto in Capricorn is at a highly positive angle to this full moon, and can bring a sense of responsibility and working toward the issues highlighted by the moon in Virgo, and could include responses by the government, big business, bosses, and authority figures.  Pluto also brings the possibility for powerful changes that could come about as these things come into focus—they could be out of compassion or be dealt with in imaginative, new ways.   But Jupiter in Libra is still at a difficult angle to all of these points, and there could be challenges to or a need for adjustments regarding what is fair, what is the right thing to do to maintain positive relationships and harmony in legal matters, international/travel issues, education and philosophical perspectives.

Saturn in Sagittarius is at a challenging angle to Mercury and Chiron in Pisces. Mercury (news, communications, discussions and agreements), and Chiron (healthcare, the need to heal, injuries, wounds), in Pisces means that there are things being discussed that show sensitivity about these issues.  The news may be either highlighting a sensitivity to health issues, or it may be presenting imaginative, unclear or confusing information.  At this challenging angle, Saturn could be limiting things legally, or related to foreigners, possibly health issues in education (such as free meals provided to needy children who have no food at home).  Saturn could be blocking discussions or news about these issues, or structuring news that challenges the agreements surrounding compassionate health.

March 13:  There is a Grand Trine formed by Mars in Taurus, North Node in Virgo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, which indicates that the greater population will be focused on taking action to complete projects in a slow, steady, responsible and practical way possibly related to legal issues, education and/or foreign cultures.  There could also be issues related to agriculture and food, housing, income, and what we own.  A Grand Trine is highly positive energy, making these actions more likely to take place without any problems.

Mercury and Chiron are conjunct in Pisces, which indicates discussions/talk regarding health, healthcare, medical issues, healing or injuries/pain.  Mercury and Chiron are at a challenging angle to Saturn, so there may be hurdles to communication, discussions, agreements or news coverage about these issues due to restrictions or limitations, legal considerations, philosophical aspects, education or foreigners.  On a personal level, there could be difficulties talking about a health issue, or discussions could be hurtful and challenging as a result of a difference in philosophies or spiritual perspectives, as well as what is the practical thing to do.

March 14:  Mercury in Aries is at a highly positive angle to Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  Passionate talk is possible, maybe sexting with someone from another country.  OR there could be passionate communications, or lots of energy going into communicating about feminine power and legal issues, education, or philosophical matters.

The Moon in Libra is conjunct Jupiter at one point during the day, which means a big focus on emotions and feelings about partnership or relationships.  It could bring a very big sense of balance, harmony and emotional comfort with friends, relationships, partners and loved ones.

The Moon will also be at a very challenging angle to Pluto in Capricorn—thus, the government, big business, the boss or some authority figure. Or is could be a challenge to drastic change in work and responsibility.  There is basically a strong sense of comfort in being with friends and finding work/life balance, with more of the focus being on “life” as opposed to work.  Possibly a touch of spring fever, or just like Bruno Mars sings, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything.  I just want to lay in my bed”—with a friend, maintaining the status quo. 

March 15:  The Sun in Pisces meets up with Chiron, bringing a strong focus to issues of health, healthcare, healing and wounds or pain.  In Pisces there is a sensitivity or compassion for things, and possibly a spiritual focus.  However, it could also mean some confusion, lack of clarity or being blind to something in relation to health/healthcare, and the sun is shining a light on that.  This conjunctions of the Sun and Chiron is at a challenging angle to Saturn in Sagittarius, which represents putting on the brakes, or making something real, but doing it in a responsible, practical way, possibly related to business, but also in regard to legal, educational or philosophical issues.  So there will be challenging perspectives that come up regarding issues of health, healing and healthcare, and building things based on a philosophy or legal consideration that is considered practical and responsible, and challenging to a compassionate or sensitive point of view.

The moon in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries, and is at an awkward angle to the sun and Chiron in Pisces. This means feelings about balance and fairness may be met with opposition of unexpected or surprise outbursts, anger, or hostility OR passionate responses. The feelings and comfort level regarding justice, balance and fairness will create discomfort regarding a compassionate/sensitive perspective about health, and adjustments may need to be made. It could be that looking at healthcare from a perspective of compassion results in a feeling by some that there needs to be an adjustment made that brings things into balance or fairness for connections among people.  On a personal level, in relationships or partnerships, there could be unexpected anger or passion about something that upsets feelings related to health, healing or wounded issues, that may throw the sense of compassion off center.

March 16: The sun in Pisces is at a challenging angle to Saturn in Sagittarius, still.  So there is that challenge of compassion and sensitivity vs. practicality and hard work. It is a hurdle that needs to be overcome.

The moon in Scorpio is at a highly positive angle to Neptune in Pisces.  Scorpio represents mysteries, things being under the surface, as well as the underworld, or sex, death and finances (taxes).  Feelings about one or more of these Scorpio matters will have a good connection to creativity, spirituality, intuition, or compassion.  A number of possibilities relate to this.  For example, it could mean getting an intuitive or spiritual connection to a loved one who has passed.  It could mean creative ways of finding funding or getting money back on your taxes (legally,of course, just be careful because Neptune can refer to something confusing, so it is highly possible you could get confused while doing your taxes, too).  You may offer compassionate responses to someone who is emotional about a relationship, and it works out positively. Or, there could be good feelings related to writing or illustrating a mystery or thriller. 

March 17:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Today the moon in Scorpio  is at a highly positive angle to the sun in Pisces.  Similar to yesterday, there is the feelings about things beneath the surface, what is hidden, or issues of sex, death and finances.  At a highly positive angle to the sun in Pisces can still bring a Neptunian aspect, since Neptune rules Pisces, but not as strong as when the moon was aspecting Neptune, itself.  So the sun is the focus, the highlight, and Pisces is what is creative, sensitive, compassionate, and caring.  Perhaps someone takes the time to help you do your taxes, or there is a very kind, compassionate connection made that brings comfort in a mysterious encounter, or a psychic reading that you get that is very positive and compassionate.  Possibly even financing for a creative endeavor.

The sun in Pisces is now exactly at a challenging angle to Saturn in Sagittarius.  What has been written this week about that is now at its strongest point.  Sun in Pisces could also relate to drinking going on, and not being responsible or practical regarding legal issues, or what you have learned, or related to work.

Mercury is conjunct Venus in Aries.  This could mean highly passionate communication related to love.  Sexting, talking about marriage (but don’t get engaged yet!  Venus is retrograde), talking about hooking up (again, beware, it could be a flash in the pan that fizzles out by next month). It could even be just putting a lot of energy into conversations or thoughts about love, finances, happiness, or something related to beauty, art, love, luxury items.  Really, really wanting it.  Again, be careful, you may change your mind next month, or something will shift from what is going on now.  Let the fire die down, and re-think things.

There is a Grand Trine including Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and North Node in Virgo.  North Node is what we should all be focusing on, and it is a sense of service to others, nutrition, the environment, health issues, and looking at the details and how things are organized (or getting organized about these things).  Uranus in Aries is unexpected or surprise passion, possibly some kind of online activity or technology-related energy, that connects to Saturn, which makes this all come down to earth and makes it really possible to do something. This is a highly positive time for the launching of technology or a surprise action that relates to the greater collective doing something in service to others, to the environment, doing something about health or food and nutrition.  Getting organized to take action and make something happen, in a legal way, or in relation to education (food for kids in school), or related to foreigners or foreign cultures. On a personal level, it could be a need to focus on health, and being inspired to do something unusual as a way of taking action and making it happen—building on a philosophy or something learned through a class or publication or even building an app that is related to health, nutrition or the environment – even getting organized.

March 18:  Mercury and Venus in Aries are even more strongly connected.  Hold on to your heart, there is a lot of thinking, chatting, talking about love in passionate ways.  There could also be angry conversations about love, it is true.  But, today we have the moon in Sagittarius connected to Black Moon Lilith, which brings feelings of comfort together with raw sexuality and feminine power—a possible 50 shades of gray in the mile high club, and feeling good about it.  But the purpose of the day is at odds with this, so, if you’re sexy and you know it, and it feels good, it’s going against what should be happening today.  AND we have the sun in Pisces challenging Saturn in Sagittarius, so there is a focus on compassion, creativity and spirituality that is challenged by practical thinking, broadening perspectives by clearing the clutter and dealing with philosophical, legal or educational issues.  Sun in Pisces could also mean the drinking is still happening and it is still challenging one’s sense of responsibility or doing things that challenge what you know is right or what the law says is right. 

March 19:  Jupiter in Libra is at a positive angle of possibility to the moon in Sagittarius.  Feelings about travel, education or comfortable philosophies could work well in relationships, partnerships, finding justice, harmony or balance.  It could be a nice day for finding comfort with a friend, lover, partner in taking a trip together, a class or lecture, or sharing philosophical ideas that relate to what is fair and harmonious.  Jupiter is also at odds, however, with Vesta (an asteroid) in Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the moon, and Vesta is what we put a lot of effort into, or maybe too much effort into.  Cancer also rules expressing one’s feelings –sometimes to the point of bluntness, or being overly dramatic, sensitive, or clingy, especially with Vesta in there.  So while finding comfort with a partner or friend today, be careful not to overdo the expression of feelings or nurturing.  It could upset the sense of harmony.

Pluto is also in the mix.  In Capricorn, it could relate to a boss, a job, a drastic change in work or responsibility, so don’t bring  up issues about work or changes in responsibilities, and don’t do something that could upset the boss today, don’t talk about the boss today.  Leave work behind.

March 20:  The sun enters Aries, meaning more focus on taking action, putting energy or passion into things, possibly hot-headedness, arguments, wars, or anger.  The moon in Sagittarius is conjunct (next to) Saturn.  Feelings are strong regarding responsibility, being practical, working hard in regard to foreign cultures, legal matters, educational issues, and philosophical discussions.  It could be a day that is upsetting, or it could be a day of making something happen that feels good, by taking action and being passionate. Saturn is at a challenging angle to Chiron in Pisces, which could bring challenges related to healthcare or legal/international issues that are hurtful, painful, or are at odds with what is healthy.

March 21:  The moon in Capricorn is at a positive angle of opportunity to Neptune in Pisces.  Creative ideas, imagination, intuitive feelings could positively affect how comfortable one is regarding responsibility, work, business.  The sun in Aries is at a highly positive angle to Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  It is passion all around, taking feminine power to a higher level based on passion and energy, or a passionate focus connects very positively to one’s sexual desire to rock your world, or try new things. It could also relate to taking action to do something about legal issues related to sexual matters, giving women power legally, culturally, internationally.

March 22: Venus meets up with the sun in Aries, bringing a passion related to women, to love, to harmony and happiness and adding that to the connection between the sun and Black Moon Lilith.  Lots of opportunity to bring happiness and love together with passion and sexuality –or to take action related to women and sexuality and legal/international matters.

The moon in Capricorn is at a challenging angle to Uranus in Aries. There could be feelings about responsibility and recognition for hard work that are at odds with unexpected outbursts, unusual arguments, or strong feelings about technology.

Mars in Taurus begins to form a positive angle of opportunity to Neptune in Pisces. This means putting strong, dedicated effort into a creative or spiritual endeavor could result in a positive outcome this week. 

March 23:  The moon in Aquarius is at a positive angle of opportunity to the sun and venus in Aries.  Aquarius can bring out strange feelings, or something unusual bringing comfort, finding comfort in one’s individuality, or doing something nurturing for the general population – a good deed, paying it forward in a caring, nurturing way.  And this could happen based on strong feelings of love and harmony that are being highlighted today. Perhaps a general focus on doing something to take action to make things better, and then feeling it individually and taking action to do something unique or caring for someone, for oneself, or for the general good.  This is all connected to the North Node in Virgo, in the form of a Yod, the finger of God, saying this is everyone’s purpose, focus for the day.

March 24:  The sun and Venus in Aries are still at a highly positive angle to Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  Passion is highlighted, and it can bring out feminine power or sexuality that expands one’s perspective. Fly me to the moon…and let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.  Very fiery, sexy energy here—but again, it could relate to women of the world putting a lot of energy into taking back their power globally. 

The moon in Aquarius is at a highly positive angle to Jupiter in Libra, which tells me that there are feelings coming up about doing something for the greater good, possibly in a unique way, which results in harmony and balance.  On a personal level, some unexpected feelings may come up that bring comfort –possibly in relation to independence or some kind of future plans.  A partnership or relationship that has a legal, educational or spiritual connection could provide the opportunity for taking action toward doing something that benefits others.  There could also be some level of unexpected, surprise comfort from a connection to a partnership or relationship with someone from another culture. 

Mercury in Aries is exactly opposite Jupiter in Libra, which could mean that some kind of hostile news, passionate speech, writing or thoughts are hindering harmony, justice, or fairness related to legal issues, philosophical perspectives that affect partnerships and relationships.  On a personal level, passionate communication could affect relationships in a big way.  A focus on harmony and justice in legal, educational or spiritual perspectives can result in news or thoughts that are based on strong reactions.  This opposition is forming a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, which means that both Jupiter and Mercury are also at 90° angles to Pluto.  Pluto is power, drastic change and in Capricorn, relates to practicality and responsibility.  When you have Mercury in Aries, with its passionate communication, it doesn’t necessarily sit well with powerful people or entities that are coming from a practical, responsible, limiting perspective. And in the challenging angle to Jupiter, it can mean that the authority is restricting growth, harmony, justice.  This could be a day of strong emotions meeting power players that don’t want to budge and who may be looking to limit growth, fairness, harmony as a means of being more practical.  Jupiter and Pluto are coming into exactitude next week, which strengthens this effect.

March 25: Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces are at the same degree, and though the angle is not a strong one, or one that is normally considered, there could still be some kind of unexpected action related to compassion about healthcare.  Uranus rules technology and the future, so perhaps a new healthcare technology will be introduced or a future-oriented action that affects healthcare, healing, or pain could take place.

March 26:  Mercury and Uranus connect in Aries at an exact degree.  Unexpected news related to some kind of action, fire, attack, reaction, explosion, could come up. News about an exciting new technology, electrical or some new power source could be reported.  Hearing or reading something unusual that results in a desire to take action, react strongly, or respond with a passionate reply—perhaps a letter to the editor or op-ed, a protest, or on social media (Twitter users, be prepared).  Both of these planets are at an extremely positive angle to Saturn in Sagittarius, which could bring those passions down to earth and put them to use in a practical way related to international issues, legal matters, education or spiritual beliefs.  Strange as it sounds, it is also very possible with this connection between Uranus, Mercury and Sagittarius, that there could be unexpected, strange communication from space that causes some kind of strategy or plan to be put in place.  Or just news related to unexpected, out of this world subject matter—beyond the norm and outside our world of experience.  Saturn is on the Galactic Center, which brings in a connection to the galaxy, as well as the Divine.

Mars in Taurus is exact today at a very harmonious angle of possibility with Neptune in Pisces. So it is an excellent day to take action regarding a creative endeavor, especially one that brings comfort, pleasure, or relates to food, décor, prosperity, owning something.  Neptune brings a sense of the spiritual, the highly creative, music, art, film and photography.  Mars and Neptune meeting at this angle, with the inclusion of Taurus, can relate to manifesting.  Bringing the dream or the imaginary to earth by taking action. 

March 27: The moon in Pisces passes over Chiron briefly before connecting with the sun ­– resulting in a new moon in Aries.  Touching on Chiron, the moon can bring comfort or feelings about healing, healthcare, wounds, injuries and painful incidents. Chiron is still at odds with Saturn in Sagittarius, and that connection can mean that structures being put into place on a legal, cultural, philosophical level are challenging issues related to healthcare, healing, pain, and injury.  The moon will bring up feelings about these issues.

March 28:  Mercury in Aries is more exactly in extreme harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius, so more passionate communication related to building something, making something real related to foreign cultures, legal issues, and philosophical matters from a practical, responsible perspective.  Mercury can be communication, research, short distance travel and in Aries it relates to action, passion, anger, shouting.  This would be in response to some strategy or plans that are coming up regarding legal issues, foreign affairs, a foreigner, education or possibly publications. The angle of extreme harmony makes something highly likely, or relates to a highly positive outcome (but “positive” is relative). 

March 30: Jupiter in Libra is exactly square (90°) Pluto in Capricorn, strengthening the challenges between justice and power, fairness and a focus on hard work, responsibility and practicality. There is a chance for drastic change that restricts the expansion of partnerships or relationships abroad, legal justice, beneficial partnerships, educational fairness and equality, and harmonious philosophical perspectives. 

Mercury in Aries stands at an extremely harmonious angle to fixed star Regulus in Leo, the royal star. Taking action to learn, teach, speak, express passion, or anger—possibly putting a lot of energy into sending a message.  Or a powerful message that positively relates to the status of the leader (and the president has the most important point on his chart—his AC—at the fixed star Regulus).  There could be powerful communication that bodes well for the president, the leader, the status of the leader.  The leader – possibly a king or queen--could give a very strong, powerful, positive message today. 

March 31:  Mercury enters Taurus, bringing a less passionate, possibly more comforting and down-to-earth feeling to communications, news, thoughts and ideas.  Perhaps the positive message of the day before may either calm things down, or get people thinking more seriously about what they own, their money, their homes, food, and comfort.  Venus retrograde reaches the cusp of Aries and Pisces, preparing to move back into the more compassionate, sensitive sign and away from the passion or hostility that Aries can bring.  On a social level, it could mean more sensitivity to women’s issues will be coming up, and less of a need to fight or protest.  Possibly a focus on prosperity, finances that relate to the arts, spiritual concerns, film, and women in those areas. On a personal level, Venus going retrograde into Pisces could bring not only a past lover, or bring the chance to review or reconsider a relationship, but in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, it could mean not just sensitivity, caring and intuition, but confusion, lack of clarity and a “love is blind” aspect.  So it is time when Venus returns to Pisces to realize that it is a better time to just remember or reconnect with people you love, knowing that things will change and that you may not be seeing everything clearly and in a practical way (Neptune rules fantasy and imagination), so what may seem like the perfect partner today, could become a different, maybe hostile (when Venus returns to Aries), relationship in a few weeks.