Oracle Readers

**For a reading, please call 352-566-0300 or email**

Jen Durham - Monday

Mode of Divination - Tarot cards

With her nurturing and inviting personality, Jen will make you feel right at home. Her study of the signs and symbols is truly impressive.  She'll give a compassionate insight in the reading.

Call for an appointment or drop in.  


Casey DiGiantomasso- Thursday 

Mode of Divination- Sacred Journey 

Our reader with the youngest body, but one of the oldest souls. He’ll take you on a sacred drum journey, calling in your guides to provide powerful clarity and wise counsel during this unique oracle-style reading. Through this experience, it is with strong intention that afterwards you will be inspired to walk even more mindfully and sovereignly on your path, honoring each and every step you take on this sacred journey through life. Amen, A’ho & So it is.  $50 per 30 minutes

 Energy Work, Ancestral Healing & Light Code Activation: Casey is an attuned Reiki master and is also certified in holistic shamanism. These completely confidential sessions are specifically designed to help facilitate deeply emotional, physical and spiritual renewal by honoring a hybrid of various spiritual healing modalities, sacred tools and techniques from across the globe. $200 per hour

Casey’s readings and energy work sessions are available by appointment only. A paid consultation may be required in-advance for energy work sessions, by discretion. 


Lois Anton - Friday

Mode of Divination - Lenormand Oracle cards        

Lois has 30 years experience in oracle cards and has seen death first hand. A warm and gentle reader, everyone loves Lois. Honesty and practicality is her style.

Call for an appointment or drop in.


Katie Novak - Saturday

Mode of Divination - Tarot Cards and Psychic ability

Katie is our resident Tarot Reader who has had a life-time of mystical experiences. Clairvoyant and clairaudient, every reading tells an accurate story and possible futures. You will find a non-judgmental and empowering advocate in Katie. She is certified by Aspen Institute of Psychic Studies.

Katie is available by appointment only.  Please call to make an appointment.