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Bloodstone is a powerhouse stone for physical wellness of all kinds. Bloodstone is a naturally occurring mixture of green and red jasper, often with more green than red. Because of the red speckling against the rich green background, the name “Bloodstone” was coined. Believed to be a wonderful healer of the physical body, these stones can be worked with to help reduce inflammation, stop bleeding, detoxify the bodily systems, and even to assist mothers during child labor. Hold one of these pieces of tumbled Bloodstone directly on an area where you may be experiencing discomfort, or even place it in a salt bath with your favorite healing essential oil and herbal blends to bring a more potent vibration to your healing experience.

Planet: Mars

Chakra: Root, Heart

Astrology: Aries

Mohs Hardness: 7

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and blessed under a full moon.