Blue Kyanite

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Blue Kyanite is a beautiful opaque to translucent blue stone that grows in long, flat blades, and has a deep indigo stripe that often runs straight through the center of the crystal. Mirroring its crystal structure, the most notable property of Blue Kyanite is its ability to bring supreme balance and alignment to the physical and energetic body, thus opening the psychic channels and activating your intuition and the conscious mind centers. Blue Kyanite opens the bearer’s central channel known as the sushumna, instantly aligning and healing all of the chakras within the human body. When the sushumna is clear, it allows one to run energy more efficiently, and become a clearer channel for spiritual wisdom to flow through, aiding in an easier integration of these ideas and objective truths into physical, mundane life. Due to these properties, Blue Kyanite is also known to support the central nervous system, preventing burn out, and is a perfect stone to work with for people with vertigo, other equilibrium imbalances as well as for people that may have spinal misalignment or even migraines. If you’ve been feeling fatigued, wanting to balance your chakras, or are looking for greater physical and energetic alignment, look no further, because these beautiful natural or tumbled Blue Kyanite blades will be your perfect ally.

Planet: Jupiter

Chakra: All

Astrology: Libra, Pisces

Mohs Hardness: 4.5-7

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and blessed under a full moon.