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Labradorite is our house favorite here at the Karma Cottage, with colorful iridescent flashes that shine across the surface in different lighting, its energy is mystical and entrancing. Labradorite is one of the more powerful Third Eye stones to work with, as it both enhances intuitive gifts as well as shields from negative energy and psychic attacks. Labradorite is also known as the stone of the new moon, helping to sharpen the bearers focus on the intention they are setting, and ultimately manifest this vision into the physical realm. Work with one of these beautiful Labradorite tumbled stones at the next new moon to help bring your most sacred of dreams into reality. It truly is a destiny stone. Get ready to experience its energy that supports your highest good and will remind you that magic is truly real - if you dare to believe.

Planet: Pluto

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

Astrology: Scorpio

Mohs Hardness: 6-6.5

Average piece: 1.7 inches (4.3cm), .09 pounds (43.6g)

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and blessed under a full moon.