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Sodalite has a beautiful indigo blue coloration with white calcite and sometimes even brown marbling throughout the matrix, and is an incredible stone of the Third Eye chakra. Sodalite gets its name due to its high sodium content, and because of this, Sodalite is known to be a great purifier that releases fear and wards off bad dreams. Being that Sodalite is associated with Third Eye, it is known to enhance all capabilities of the mind, sharpening focus and strengthening intuition. Sodalite is also said to be effective for easing headaches and migraines. Work with one of these beautiful Sodalite tumbled stones during meditation to receive clearer insight & wisdom from your spirit guides, or keep one with you when you go to bed to bring sweet dreams and restful sleep.

Planet: The Moon

Chakra: Third Eye

Astrology: Cancer

Mohs Hardness: 5.5-6 

Average piece: 1.0 inches (2.5cm), .03 pounds (13.2g)

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and blessed under a full moon.