Agate Eye

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Agate Eye

Banded Agate is a beautiful stone with layers of many colors and intricate designs from brown, to golden, and white bands that are seen throughout the stone, earning it the name “earth rainbow.” Banded Agate is associated with the root chakra, and brings an energy of balance, grounding and stabilization to the bearer. Agate is perhaps one of the earliest stones that humans have been documented working with for peaceful protection and healing for the mind, body and spirit, and is even mentioned several times in the Bible.  This agate has been shaped in to the eye of God to ward off evil.  It is a protection stone. If you have been seeking peace and grounding and want to live in divine trust, carry an Agate Eye as you walk your path.

Planet: Earth

Chakra: Root

Astrology: Libra, Capricorn

Mohs Hardness: 7