Black Onyx Bracelet - for Mental Clarity and Self-Control

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Black Onyx Bracelets for Mental Clarity & Self-Control 

Black Onyx is an excellent meditation stone that helps quiet the mind from the chaotic noise of the outside world. It brings you back to center so you can hear the voice of your inner self, and it assists in dissolving negative thought patterns and limiting self-beliefs. These stones are part of the -Quartz family and more specifically are a form of chalcedony that just so happens to be black. These Black Onyx stretch bracelets are a perfect talisman for those trying to clear pathways towards greater success, greater clarity and greater peace.  

Planet Association: Saturn 

Chakra Association: Root  

Astrological Association: Capricorn 

Crystal Geometric Structure: Hexagonal 

Mineral Group: Silicate  

Mohs hardness: 7 

4mm bead bracelet, length: approximately 7 inches