Celestite Palm Stone

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Celestite Palm Stone

Celestite is an absolutely gorgeous stone, these pieces are covered in prismatic blue crystals, each acting like an antenna, connecting the bearer to the angelic realms. Due to its light blue color, Celestite is often associated with the throat chakra, making it especially useful for communicating with your angels and spirit guides. This stone helps melt away any worries and brings you remind you that you are held and guided in all moments. Meditating with Celestite can help enhance clairaudient abilities known as “clear hearing” and helps you to hear the wisdom Simply hold one of these beautiful Celestite geodes to experience the most comforting sense of peace and tranquility, and to assist in communicating your truth in the world with greater compassion and flow.

Planet: Jupiter

Chakra: Throat, Crown

Astrology: Libra

Mohs Hardness:  3-3.5