Crystals - Clearing & Purification

Crystals for Clearing & Purification

Clearing and purifying yourself and your space is essential to practicing magic and for living a balanced, happy life. Crystals are powerful tools that we can work with to clear energy and raise a vibration of peace, love, healing or prosperity. When thinking about clearing, it’s best to think about stones that are grounding that will help transmute any lower vibrations, as well as stones that are connected to the celestial realms, bringing divine white light that cuts through any dark or dense energy in the field.

Our Top Picks

Selenite: Selenite is one of the keystones of clearing and purification; it is one of the few gemstones that never has to be cleared itself, and connects to the divine white light of source. Selenite is associated with the moon, bringing emotional clarity and a lightness to the spirit. This stone is used by many magical practitioners to cast a circle of protective white light around their space before the ceremony, and to close the circle when they are done. 

Black Kyanite: Black Kyanite instant clears anything or anyone that it comes in contact with. This stone grows in fan-like formations that resemble witches' brooms, and can be used to sweep out any negative or dense energy from someone’s energy field or living space.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Himalayan Pink Salt acts as an energetic vacuum that constantly purifies spaces and radiates a vibration of unconditional love and kindness. We offer this beautiful material in the form of lamps which make beautiful purifying decor, and are practically an essential to any magical home.