Crystals - Communication

Crystals for Communication

Communication is key, being able to voice your thoughts, views and insights on life is a critical part of building strong relationships and feeling more connected to those around you. Crystals are a powerful allay that can help open roads to clearer communication and create a sense of synergy and understanding all around you. Being that the Throat chakra governs all matters of communication and expression, often light blue stones are some of the most effective for this purpose.

Our Top Picks:

Amazonite: Amazonite is one of the most important stones for communication; this stone helps physically open airways and gives one the confidence to speak their mind and show up as their most authentic self.

Blue Kyanite: Blue Kyanite is a balancing stone that promotes clear communication; this stone is unique compared to other Throat chakra stones as it encourages one to be able to listen and speak in a balanced, and courteous way. In this way, it also helps one make sure they have all the information that they need before they speak on a topic or circumstance.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a beautiful stone of communication that is extremely calming and is perfect for those who may experience social anxiety; this stone heals the emotions and allows one to speak from their heart in order to let their true light shine through.