Crystals - Creativity

Crystals for Creativity

Who couldn’t use a creative boost? Working with crystals is a wonderful way to bring inspiration, excitement and a fresh new prospective to any project or endeavor. When we think of creativity, we think of expression, passion and vitality; when looking for stones to enhance your creative process, often times you will find that stones that align with the Sacral and Throat chakras are suited best, such as ones that are either orange, peach and light blue.

Our Top Picks:

Carnelian: Carnelian is extremely fiery & is considered to be the gemstone version of caffeine; it brings the boost of energy needed to stay focused in order to bring creative visions to life and increases productivity.

Blue Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony is often considered to be “the stone of The Muse;” it enhances creative ideas and brings infinite inspiration to any artist, or creator. Blue Chalcedony also helps an artist take a concept and shows them how to convey the message in a clear and precise way so that it is most easily understood and interpreted by the audience; in addition, it is also particularly useful for writers, musicians and actors.

Picture Jasper: Picture Jasper is a beautiful stone that practically looks like a painted desert landscape. This stone keeps the bearer grounded, and is considered to be the “stone of the desert rain,” bringing a downpour of inspiration to an artist, even after a long stint of creative blocks.