Crystals - Different Phases of the Moon

Crystals for the Different Phases of the Moon

The moon has been revered in magical and spiritual practices for thousands of years; each month the moon goes through a cycle of different phases including the new moon, waxing, full and waning moon which each have their own magical purpose. New moons represent new beginnings and visioning; waxing moons represent building, manifesting and creating; full moons represent fruition, gratitude and activation, and waning moons represent release, clearing and transformation. Working with different crystals at the various moon phases can help connect you more powerfully to the energy of that particular phase and help you to either set intentions, release what no longer serves you or give gratitude for all that you already have. This is our list of stone correspondences to each of the four main moon phases.

New Moon: The stone of the New Moon is indisputably Labradorite; as a stone of the Third Eye, Labradorite helps enhance one’s visions of the future, boosts the intuition and shields the bearer during spiritual work of any kind; it also helps call in new opportunities and new beginnings.

Waxing Moon: Any stone of manifestation can be useful at the waxing moon; however, Peach Moonstone is one of the best for this purpose as it is a wonderful stone of fertility and infinite creative potential. This stone gives one the energy needed to bring their dreams to life.

Full Moon: Rainbow Moonstone embodies fruition, feminine power, fertility and emotional healing- all qualities that are gifts of the full moon. This stone helps one have gratitude for all the blessings in their life and helps push additional energy behind any intentions was set at the New Moon in-order to activate those intentions even more powerfully as they continue to be worked towards.

Waning Moon: Black Obsidian is a wonderful stone of the waning moon as it allows one to tap into their deepest emotional depths in order to clear what no longer serves them, in service of new beginnings yet to come.