Crystals - Empathic Protection

Crystals for Empathic Protection

Empaths are often people who are sensitive to the energies in their surroundings, and often can pick up on the emotions and even physical pain or wellness. Here at the Karma Cottage we have a wide variety of stones that can help shield anyone who needs empathic protection, and filter out the emotions and actions of others from their own in order to feel clear, balanced and at peace. When looking for stones for this purpose it’s best to look for stones that support the heart, and that ground and transmute lower vibrations such as ones that are black, red or green.

Our Top Picks:

Shungite: Shungite is a powerful purifier of energy; this stone is known to filter out EMF waves as well, and holds negative energy away from the bearer. This is one of the best for empaths who tend to get the feelings & thoughts of others mixed up with their own.

Prehnite: Prehnite is the stone that heals the healer; it helps support those who do healing work of any kind, and ensures that they do not deplete their own energy reserves while being of service to others.

Garnet: Garnet is an excellent grounding stone that nurtures the bearer and brings healing to the heart and spirit. This stone is gentle in Its energy, making it less overwhelming than other grounding stones for Empaths that may be sensitive to feeling overly grounded.