Crystals - Health

Crystals for Health

Our energy affects our health, while there’s many ways to promote overall wellness, crystals are a wonderful allay to help raise our frequency and bring healing to our mind, body and spirit. Our heart is the first part of the body to form while we are in the womb, and because of this, it is believed that all healing starts with the heart. For this reason, when looking for stones that promote overall health and wellness, it is best to seek out stones that are associated with the Heart chakra, such as ones that are green or even some that are pink.

Our Top Picks:

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is an excellent healer; it helps purify the blood, reduces inflammation and helps relieve pain. This stone is perfect to add to any healing salt baths to bring restoration and ease to the physical body.

Prasiolite: Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst, helps to detoxify the physical body from any impurities or free radicals. This stone embodies angelic connection, and is even associated with Archangel Raphael, angel of divine healing.

Jade: Jade has been touted for centuries by many cultures for being a gemstone that promotes good health and longevity; this stone ensures a safe passage through this lifetime and helps bring optimism and youthful energy that keeps one’s spirit full of life and vitality.