Crystals - Heart Healing

Crystals for Heart Healing

Our heart is the center of our own universe & the core of our being; it is important to take care of and ease the heart when it is in need. Whether you’ve lost someone, have had physical heart issues, or if you’re trying to recover from a past relationship, crystals are wonderful tools to work with to help mend the heart, and open it back up to loving & receiving love once again. We carry many gemstones that align with the heart chakra, and the best ones to look for to help heal the heart are ones that are either pink or green. All of the ones below are also powerful healers of the physical heart.

Our Top Picks:

Rhodochrosite: Rhodochrosite is one of the most effective heart healers; this stone helps mend recent heart wounds, and is especially helpful for those who have just gotten out of a long-term relationship or those who are recovering from heart surgery.

Chyrsoprase: Chysoprase also helps mend broken hearts, but more specifically helps heal older heart wounds, and even heals the inner-child. For those who may be recovering from abusive past relationships, this stone helps make up for lost time, and renews the heart’s ability to give and receive love freely once again.

Ruby Zoisite: Ruby Zoisite helps powerfully nourish the heart and brings divine healing to the heart on a very physical level. This stone renews the lifeforce, and restores the body’s ability to recover and repair itself. Ruby Zoisite is excellent for anyone with cardiac issues or concerns.