Crystals - Stress Relief

Crystals for Stress Relief

Stress is something that many of us experience at some point in life or another, and did you know that crystals and gemstones have been used to ease anxiety for thousands of years? When we think of relieving stress, we think of clearing the mind, relaxing the body, and grounding the spirit in order to feel held, safe and at ease in the present moment; when you’re looking for crystals to relieve stress, it’s best to seek out grounding stones that are either black, red or brown, as well as stones that help clear the mind such as ones that are purple or blue.

Our Top Picks:

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a lithium bearing form of mica that has been refined for pharmaceutical medications used to treat severe anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Carrying this stone helps ease the mind and releases stress & tension from the body. Lepidolite is also helpful for getting a better night sleep and overcoming insomnia caused by stress or anxiety.

Black Onyx: Black Onyx is a wonderful grounding stone that helps focus the mind; it helps clear out mental chatter and grounds any excess energy, bringing the bearer powerfully back into the present moment- nothing to change, and nothing to fix, nowhere to be, just to be here now. 

Red Aventurine: Red Aventurine is another grounding stone that connects the bearer to the strength and stability of the Earth. This stone helps release trauma, and eases emotions to bring peace, tranquility and nurturing support.