In 2011 I started attending the Aspen Program for Psychic Development. It's a wonderful institution started by the very courageous and gifted psychic, Dr. Karen Fox. I learned a tremendous amount from the many classes that I attended over the 2 years, from Message Circles to Developing your Psychic Sense and I hope to continue to sharing this psychic development with others.  It's time we bring our psychic sense out into the light! - Katie Novak

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Feedback and recommendations from our customers:

We are so very grateful for the support, feedback, recommendations and continued patronage of our customers and the greater community - THANK YOU!  


  • "Katie's reading was spot on. She gave me insight on my life that I needed to make the best choices possible!" (K.S.)

  • "Enjoyed my reading with an understanding woman giving it" (Roberta)

  • "Katie is amazing! Just had my first reading and the information was spot on. She is  a gentle soul." (M.J.)

  • "This was my first reading and it was enlightening and hit on all the past, present and future concerns and gave great insight." (G.P.)

  • "Thank you for the truth and direction to believe in myself and find my inner strength again." (Maureen)

  • "Thank you, Katie! Always spot on with my readings. You are so gentle and kind with your reading. You have given me such peace of mind." (Ivette)

  • "The reading today was truly amazing and spot on! Thank you."  (Terri D.)

  • "I was going to move to NY and you said, "Wait, don't go. There's someone else."  I had my stuff packed. When I got home that day, I met my neighbor's brother. Well, I'm still here. We moved in together and things are great!"  (Anonymous

  • "How did you know that?!"  (Caroline)  



  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  It moved along at a good pace, info was easy to understand and remember.  All questions answered." (Nancy R.)

  • "Thank you for starting classes." (Patricia M.)

  • "Katie was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly." (Barbara M.)

  • "Very happy with class, very informative." (Sandy B.)

  • "Fun and informative!"

  • "I enjoyed the session/class. Very informative. Loved your style." (Christian)

  • "Very informative. Enjoyable. Fun. Easy to understand, relaxed atmosphere." (Theresa)

  • "Very thorough!"

  • "She helped me understand the meanings." (Taylor C.)

  • "The aura painting night was amazing. We could read each other thought color. I was astounded...learning some of the exercises, I see more auras." (Terri D.)

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