Garnet Bracelet - for Grounding and Vitality

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Garnet Bracelets for Grounding and Vitality  

Garnet is a wonderful grounding stone for strengthening the root chakra, associated with safety and security, as well as feelings of belonging. Known as “the stone of commitment,” Garnet supports the bearer in seeing projects out to completion, and creating stronger bonds within interpersonal relationships. Garnet is associated with the rise of the Kundalini, supporting a healthy and balanced sex drive. Wear one of these beautiful Garnet stretch bracelets as a reminder that you are held and supported in all aspects of your life when you find yourself feeling anxious or ungrounded, or as a talisman that reconnects you to your true passions, desires and needs.  

Traditional birthstone for the month of January

Planet association: Earth 

Chakra association: Root 

Astrological Association: Aquarius  

Crystal geometric system: Cubic, Hexoctahedral 

Mineral group: Silicates 

Mohs hardness: 7-7.5 

4mm beaded stretch bracelet, length: approximately 7 inches