How to Smudge

How to Smudge

Smudging, or burning various plants and incense for the purpose of clearing or calling in healing energy is truly an ancient practice. White Sage and Palo Santo are two of the most popular and convenient smudging options we carry; White Sage has been worked with as a sacred plant medicine for centuries by the Native Americans for the purpose of cleansing negative energy, while Palo Santo comes from South America and is burned also for the purpose of clearing and calling in healing energy. Studies have even shown that the smoke and oils of both these sacred plants are extremely effective at removing bacteria from the air. Often smudge is burned in an Abalone shell, and feathers or fans are also used to help direct the smoke. Never leave your smudge or incense burning unattended.

Smudging Instructions:

  1. Gratitude- a good first step to working with any smudge bundle or stick of Palo Santo is to bless it and give thanks for its sacred purpose, or even set a particular intention with it before burning. You can do this out loud as a prayer or quietly while holding the smudge in your hands. You can repeat this step every time or only before the first use.
  2. Light your smudge- carefully light the end of your smudge bundle or stick with a lighter to get it going, and then blow the fire out, letting it smolder for the duration that you need it to. If you are having a difficult time, particularly for Palo Santo, you can first light a candle and use the candleflame to get it started.
  3. Clearing yourself- guide the smoke around your entire energy field, starting above you, moving down the front of your field, washing your hands or even feet if you feel called, and then guiding the smoke behind you to clear all that you are moving beyond now. You may also use the smoke to clear any areas that you may be experiencing pain or discomfort at to help move that energy as well. If you feel called, it is also nice to say a prayer or blessing while doing this step; we’ve added a sample for you, or you may use your own.
  4. Clearing spaces- there are many ways people like to go about this, typically one would start in the center of a space, or at the main entrance, and make their way around clockwise until returning back to the starting point. Again, you may say a prayer or blessing while doing so or envision negative energy being cleared from the space and being replaced by healing light.
  5. Put it out- Stamp out the smudge bundle or stick in a heat proof dish until there are no embers left burning. If your smudge is still burning and you can’t tell where it’s burning from, blow on it and the embers will glow so that you’ll be able to see where to stamp it out. Never leave your smudge or incense burning unattended.


Gratitude Prayer:

I give thanks to the spirit of this plant for bringing healing and purification to this planet. I send gratitude back to the mother plants and ask that they continue to grow beautiful and strong so that their medicine may be worked with for many generations to come. I give thanks to the ancestors who began this tradition & with the smoke of this smudge bundle I honor their wisdom and protection.

Smudging Prayer:

With this smoke I clear all energy that is not of service of my highest good or the highest good of all; I burn away all worries and fears, calling in the light of source to surround this space with divine protection, healing and peace.