Lepidolite Points

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Lepidolite Points

Lepidolite is a gorgeous form of mica that contains lithium, which gives the stone it’s glittery purple-pink hues. Lepidolite is actually mined specifically for its lithium content, which is refined and used in many different medications that are meant to treat insomnia, mood-swings, anxiety and depression. These gentle purple stones are wonderful for activating the crown chakra, relaxing the central nervous system in order to connect the bearer back to source energy, releasing control over outcomes or situations, and trusting in the divine flow that guides us all through life. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, carry one of these beautiful Lepidolite tumbled stones to experience their unmatched ability to infuse your energy field with peace & deep relaxation. Hold your lepidolite during meditation to connect you back to all-that-is- be ready for your spirit to be lifted once again, and watch as new opportunities to indulge joy make their way to you from sources seen and unseen. Brighter days are ahead of you, dear one.

Planet: Saturn

Chakra: Crown

Astrology: Capricorn

Hardness: 2.5-3

Stones have a unique energy, shape, size and color.  No two are alike, just like every soul is unique.  We will take your information into our selection process, both energetically and intellectually and choose the stone that’s right for you. 

Once you receive your special package from Karma Cottage, we suggest you spend a little time with your stones in meditation, one at a time. Feel its energy. It’s okay to ask questions in meditation, like “Will you help me?” or to follow feelings that may arise.  Are you getting a question asked of you? Are you feeling calm, energetic or neutral? Feel the shape, texture color and intensity of each stone.  Is it soothing, disruptive or neutral?  We all have times when we need soothing and times when we need a disruption. 

Be open.  Let the stone’s vibrations work for you, on you and through you.  Enjoy the energy and be conscious of its nature. Every stone is an exceptional creation of the Earth. Treat it with reverence.

Karma Cottage wants to express our gratitude for allowing us to foster your little stone of the Earth.  

Blessings, Katie & Andy