Malachite Points

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Malachite Points

Malachite is perhaps one of the most prestigious copper ore minerals, with stunning swirls of varying green hues, this stone has been used for carving beautiful sculptures and inlaid within palace walls for royalty throughout history. Being a copper mineral, Malachite is a powerful conductor of healing energy that is particularly aligned to supporting the heart chakra, but is also believed to restore physical wellness to the entire body including the eyes, blood and muscular structure. Known as the “Doula Stone,” malachite is most notably believed to aid in healing all of the feminine bodily systems, and ease the pain of child-birth. If you’re an expecting mother and mid-wife, or if you’re simply looking to boost your physical wellness and well-being, look no further because these beautiful Malachite tumbled stones are the perfect talisman for you!

Planet: Earth

Chakra: Sacral & Heart

Astrology: Cancer, Virgo

Mohs Hardness: 3.5-4

Price varies: A is appox. 2.5" and B is approx. 3"

Stones have a unique energy, shape, size and color.  No two are alike, just like every soul is unique.  We will take your information into our selection process, both energetically and intellectually and choose the stone that’s right for you. 

Once you receive your special package from Karma Cottage, we suggest you spend a little time with your stones in meditation, one at a time. Feel its energy. It’s okay to ask questions in meditation, like “Will you help me?” or to follow feelings that may arise.  Are you getting a question asked of you? Are you feeling calm, energetic or neutral? Feel the shape, texture color and intensity of each stone.  Is it soothing, disruptive or neutral?  We all have times when we need soothing and times when we need a disruption. 

Be open.  Let the stone’s vibrations work for you, on you and through you.  Enjoy the energy and be conscious of its nature. Every stone is an exceptional creation of the Earth. Treat it with reverence. 

Karma Cottage wants to express our gratitude for allowing us to foster your little stone of the Earth.  

Blessings, Katie & Andy