Peach Moonstone Bracelet - for Emotional Balance and Fertility

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Peach Moonstone Bracelets for Emotional Balance and Fertility  

Peach Moonstone is an excellent stone of emotional healing, hormonal balance, and fertility. These stones are perfectly aligned to lunar connection. Whether you’re working on manifesting new beginnings, or releasing what no longer serves your highest good, these Moonstone stretch bracelets are a perfect ally for you as you set your magical intentions during any phase of the moon.  

Planet Association: The Moon 

Chakra Association: Sacral, Heart and Crown 

Astrological Association: Cancer 

Crystal Geometric System: Monoclinic 

Mineral Group: Feldspar  

Mohs hardness: 6-6.5 

5-7mm beaded stretch bracelets, length: approximately 7 inches