Quartz Crystal Points - Rough

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Quartz Crystal Points

Perhaps one of the most important gemstones on the planet, Quartz also happens to be one of the most abundant minerals on Earth that humans have access to. These breathtaking Quartz tumbled stones have wonderful clarity, some having whips of inclusions that look like fairy dust, and others even have brilliant rainbows that glow within them when taken out into direct sunlight. Quartz is a must-have for all crystal healers, and gemstone enthusiasts alike. Most of our modern technology would not exist without these beautiful crystals, which are powerful transmitters of data & information. Quartz can be worked with energetically to activate and clear all of the chakras, and is the most powerful gemstone to work with to raise your baseline frequency. The primary properties of Quartz are magnification and amplification, allowing the bearer to work with each piece to set and seal any intention they may have, and can even be programmed to act as any other gemstone, if desired. Carry one of these beautiful Quartz tumbled stones to increase your personal energy levels, or add multiple pieces to your crystal grids to magnify the power of your other gemstones, and direct your intentions out into the Universe, attracting all that you desire back to you tenfold. With great power, comes great responsibility- may these crystals serve you well, and act in service for the highest good of all.

Planet: Sun

Chakra: All

Astrology: Leo

Mohs Hardness: 7

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and b5lessed under a full moon.