Rainbow Obsidian Bracelets - for Illumination and Surrender

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Rainbow Obsidian Bracelets for Illumination and Surrender

Rainbow Obsidian is a powerful, yet gentle stone for those navigating feelings of sadness, loss, grief or sorrow. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is formed when lava cools too rapidly for it to establish a proper crystal structure. When air bubbles get trapped inside obsidian as it cools, it creates a chatoyant rainbow sheen that appears to dance across the surface of the stone when exposed to light. Due to the rainbow colors, this stone can be worked with to clear each chakra in the bearers energetic system, and seal the aura from unwanted influences. These beautiful Rainbow Obsidian stretch bracelets are a perfect ally to help you navigate life’s challenges with grace, and to show up more vibrantly in the wake of opposition.  

Planet Association: Mars, Pluto 

Chakra Association: All  

Astrological Association: Scorpio  

Crystal Geometric Structure: Amorphous  

Mineral Group: Volcanic glass 

Mohs harness: 5-6 

4mm beaded stretch bracelet, length: approximately 7 inches