Rhodonite Necklace - Serenity

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Rhodonite Necklace

These Rhodonite tumbled stones are absolutely gorgeous, with a stark contrast of Pink & Black colors, this stone is a powerful reminder of our own inner duality. Primarily a stone of the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite assists the bearer in acknowledging both the light & shadow aspects of love, repairing relationships by helping to appreciate the lessons inherent within disagreements, and ultimately highlighting the positive attributes of both partners. By balancing these two ends of the spectrum, Rhodonite assists in helping one connect to their emotions as they show up, and making clearer decisions in relationships as a result. As a physical healer, Rhodonite is proposed by some to assist in the healing & recovery of bruises by placing it directly on the area where bruising has occurred. Wear one of these beautiful Rhodonite stones to help balance your heart space, allowing you to share love freely, while also opening you up to receive love from others as well.

This Necklace is double terminated, meaning it can direct energy both ways. 6/16" wide, 1.5" long and .5" deep. Come on an adjustable cord.