Tiger Eye, Brown

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Tiger Eye, Golden

Tiger Eye is one of the most popular stones we carry here at Karma Cottage. Each of these pieces have gold and dark brown bands that display the most unique chatoyant light play across the surface, it’s no wonder how Tiger Eye got its name. Tiger Eye is a multi-purpose stone, but this golden variety specifically is unique in its ability to activate the Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras simultaneously, powerfully grounding the bearer, enlivening their creativity, and encouraging strength all at the same time. Often associated with Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of love, war and strategy, Tiger Eye assists in precise decision making, and shows one how to navigate conflict without going to battle with themselves or others. Work with one of these beautiful Tiger Eye tumbled stones to bring grounded wisdom, or meditate with one during meditation to encourage greater creativity, and to show you the way when you need it the most.

Planet: Jupiter

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Astrology: Leo, Sagittarius

Mohs Hardness: 6


Average piece: 1.2 inches (3.1cm), .04 pounds (16.6g)

All Karma Cottage stones are cleansed and blessed under a full moon.